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#4320831 - 02/04/17 11:05 AM My Laundry Detergent Picks
skyactiv Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 4399
Loc: The Midwest
My wife and I decided she does the dishes and I do the laundry. I have been using different laundry detergents to see whats best for our needs. The only Tide I've liked is Tide Sport. Persil works great
at the cost of fading your clothes a little faster imo. Wisk makes very good laundry detergents. If you don't tend to get stains on your clothes, Mas Oscura is the best I've used for jeans and dark clothing. It's almost magic in a bottle. I've only seen Mas Oscura at Wal-Mart and it's usually near the Mexican laundry products. The BEST smelling laundry detergent is Surf Sparkling Ocean powder. If you absolutely must use an HE detergent, Woolite for Darks is good for dark clothes.

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#4320860 - 02/04/17 11:33 AM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
SumpChump Offline

Registered: 02/11/14
Posts: 1975
Loc: Upper Midwest by the Lakes USA
How much did that soeed queen set cost?

#4320865 - 02/04/17 11:42 AM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
Rat407 Offline

Registered: 12/13/02
Posts: 1431
Loc: North Carolina
We use Charlies Soap. Love it. Nothing but clean. Can't stand the perfume stuff.

Plus other detergents leave a residue behind. Charlies soap doesn't and cleans up your washer over time.

Take a test, wash 10 towels in your detergent and 10 in Charlies soap, then dry without fabric softener and fold them up. The 10 Charlies soap towels stacked up will be taller than the other detergent. Which to me means cleaner.
2002 Silverado 5.3 0w-20 AMSOIL

#4320868 - 02/04/17 11:48 AM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
KD0AXS Offline

Registered: 11/13/12
Posts: 2442
Loc: Nowthen, MN
Just like oil, the best laundry detergent is whatever is on sale. We usually stock up when Target runs deals. They have deals where you get a free $5 or $10 gift card when you buy 2 or 3 + store coupons you can find online + manufacturer coupons = dirt cheap laundry detergent.

#4320878 - 02/04/17 11:58 AM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
Pop_Rivit Offline

Registered: 02/09/08
Posts: 6367
Loc: Midwest
We've used Country Save for 25+ years. It's far less expensive than the brands the original poster listed off, there's no disgusting perfume smell, and it's safe for septic systems. In addition, it always gets our clothing clean without using optical brighteners (which can cause allergic reactions and itching) like the brands the original poster listed.

#4320879 - 02/04/17 11:58 AM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
JustinH Online   content

Registered: 04/17/04
Posts: 5181
Loc: Texas
we used to buy the costco kirkland laundry pacs. Then noticed our clothes never smelled clean, they smelled like nothing.

Tide makes a better laundry pak and we have been using that since.

Do not like the liquid detergent as I always end up overpouring or using too much detergent.
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#4320880 - 02/04/17 11:59 AM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
Mr Nice Offline

Registered: 09/12/04
Posts: 21198
Loc: Orlando, FL
Xtra brand from CVS. Works great and $1.50 a bottle for 1.5 L

#4320883 - 02/04/17 12:00 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
GrtArtiste Offline

Registered: 11/29/03
Posts: 730
Loc: Ohio
We've been Tide (liquid-only) for decades. No desire to try anything else. We clip coupons and stock up when it's on sale. The last time I used anything different was probably because a free sample came in the mail...and I don't remember what it was or when.

#4320887 - 02/04/17 12:06 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
totegoat Offline

Registered: 12/21/11
Posts: 1262
Loc: Ca
My wife uses Tide HE in her Speed Queen and Ivory on dishes. Not sure what she uses on the cars Beer2

#4320898 - 02/04/17 12:21 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
aquariuscsm Online   content

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 18173
Loc: Dallas,Tx USA
I use this. It leaves your close very soft,and has a VERY mild smell that you can barely smell. I hate detergents that make you smell like a potpourri factory.

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#4320899 - 02/04/17 12:22 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: JustinH]
KD0AXS Offline

Registered: 11/13/12
Posts: 2442
Loc: Nowthen, MN
Originally Posted By: JustinH
we used to buy the costco kirkland laundry pacs. Then noticed our clothes never smelled clean, they smelled like nothing.

Nothing is what clean laundry should smell like. The "clean" smell you get with most detergent is simply an added fragrance.

#4320922 - 02/04/17 12:43 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
Dorian Offline

Registered: 12/07/15
Posts: 303
Loc: Ohio
We use Tide exclusively. My favorite is Tide PurClean. No optical brighteners.
Woolite is horrible. Wisk is going out of business. Liquids are generally better for oil and greasy stains.
If you are looking for a good overal detergent, Tide PurClean, Tide Ultra Stain Release, and Cheer powder are great. The reason why I use Tide is because we generally buy them on sale with a coupon and pay no more than $3 for a 32 load bottle. Since it works well we do not need to use much.
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#4320931 - 02/04/17 01:01 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
DweezilAZ Offline

Registered: 12/04/16
Posts: 61
Loc: Arizona
Using Tide Simply Clean, but have used Xtra, Sun, LA's Most Awesome [99c Store made in US for 64 oz]. and made my own: Borax, washing soda and grating a bar of Zote] but learned from my best friend that going cheap on cleaning products is a mistake.

I have found Foca and Ariel from Mexico are excellent and inexpensive, but the Tide seems to work best.

Also have started adding White King water softener to my laundry and it's improved the results noticeably. But I think baking soda would accomplish the same thing.

Purex Clear has been pretty good and doesn't give me rashes. Arm and Hammer is also excellent.

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#4320937 - 02/04/17 01:08 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
Donald Offline

Registered: 03/21/04
Posts: 20461
Loc: Upstate NY
Persil is rated by Consumer Reports as the best. We get it at Walmart.

I have not noticed any fading.
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#4320945 - 02/04/17 01:25 PM Re: My Laundry Detergent Picks [Re: skyactiv]
barkingspider Offline

Registered: 12/22/13
Posts: 2049
Loc: socal
Arm & hammer works good and is almost less expensive than most other brands
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