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Hypothetical Question On Incorrect Filters #4105848 05/25/16 12:18 AM
Joined: Dec 2013
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Triton_330 Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Dec 2013
Posts: 780
I've heard alot of stories about quick lubes and what-have-you's that will just throw on any filter that has the same threads and gasket size as needed, even if the filter isn't the correctly specified filter. This incorrect filter could then be seen by the owners, whom may not know any better, and say they cross compare it one day if they decide to change their own oil, put on a filter of the same size (fits, but not the correct filter).

An example could be someone who puts a Fram XG10575 or XG10060 on a Ford modular (4.6L/5.4L) instead of an XG2.

Could using either of those filters, which would indeed fit on a modular, cause any issues?

In my mind, I have two conflicting views about it. GM's newer pickups use the PF48 or PF63 (which cross ref to the XG10060 and XG10575), so obviously a small filter can be utilized on a V8 without issue. But on the other hand, Ford 4.6L and 5.4L engines use a much larger filter.

Could using the smaller filters on a Ford modular actually cause any issues?

~ Triton

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Re: Hypothetical Question On Incorrect Filters [Re: Triton_330] #4105849 05/25/16 12:22 AM
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2015_PSD Offline
Joined: Sep 2010
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Probably nothing would happen. Case in point is Ford uses a "one size fits many" Champion made filter from the factory. I had the same size filter on my 2010 FX4 that I had on my 2014 Explorer and one takes an XG2 and the other an XG10575.

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Re: Hypothetical Question On Incorrect Filters [Re: 2015_PSD] #4105880 05/25/16 02:14 AM
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Superflop Offline
Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 432
I doubt it. The oil filter on later crown vics (4.6l) is tiny the one on an f150 is larger xg2 OR xg8a. Xg3614 is stock on my wagon but I run an XG8A.

Last edited by Superflop; 05/25/16 02:15 AM.

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Re: Hypothetical Question On Incorrect Filters [Re: Triton_330] #4105962 05/25/16 07:23 AM
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Kruse Offline
Joined: Oct 2005
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Originally Posted By: Triton_330

Could using either of those filters, which would indeed fit on a modular, cause any issues?

Most likely wouldn't hurt a thing.
There is one scenario that could happen that could financially affect the owner. If the filter would fail and cause an engine failure, the filter manufacturer would deny any claims because they could say that an incorrect filter was installed. Howver, this instance would be rare.

Re: Hypothetical Question On Incorrect Filters [Re: Kruse] #4105988 05/25/16 07:52 AM
Joined: Aug 2010
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Kira Online Content
Online Content
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 6,674
This condition may or may not apply to your situation.

"Matching" oil filters can have different bypass pressures. Without going into part numbers, my friend's '08 Nissan Frontier 4.0l V-6 has, among others, 2 Hastings listings. Maybe the difference comes from a roundabout way like a diesel made from the same block or change in oil spec.

The difference, as stated above, is bypass pressure. We all know this can and does kick in at startup/relevant to temperature/relevant to oil thickness.

It can also come into play as the filter nears "dirt full" condition during hard acceleration.

I also encountered this whilst researching my sister's Skyaktiv Mazda engine filters. The older filters fit just fine but the Skyaktiv, with their redesigned engine and 0W-20 synth. oil has a different bypass pressure.

Cheaper filter companies crossed the old style to the new engines immediately.
Hastings and WIX needed 6 months to create a listing so that's what I'll buy FOREVER.
No monkey business for me.

Re: Hypothetical Question On Incorrect Filters [Re: Triton_330] #4106066 05/25/16 09:56 AM
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RF Overlord Offline
Joined: Nov 2003
Posts: 3,843
I don't think the filter's physical size is especially important. Decades ago, Ford used the FL1A on just about everything, and it was huge. Now they use the much smaller FL820S and FL500S and modular motors last a very long time.

Having said this, I would never install a filter that the engine manufacturer didn't bless. I would hope anyone changing their own oil would use what is recommended in the owner's manual (or proper equivalent) and not simply trust that the filter on the car was correct.

Last edited by RF Overlord; 05/25/16 09:57 AM.

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