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#3798081 - 07/22/15 01:22 PM Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110
aquariuscsm Offline

Registered: 12/30/06
Posts: 18157
Loc: Dallas,Tx USA
How do these two compare (for rear differential use). I've never used Redline in the rear diff or know anyone who has. Looking through the gear oil UOA's,Severe Gear is about as good as it gets,but have always been curious about Redline. Seems both brands have a kind've cult following.

My apologies in advance if this has been covered before,I searched here and didn't find the info I was looking for.
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Pennzoil Platinum 0W20

#3798142 - 07/22/15 02:06 PM Re: Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110 [Re: aquariuscsm]
buck91 Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 2449
Loc: West Michigan
Heard somebody ask, once, how often differentials experience failure and/or excessive wear due to inadequate gear lube properties. Short of leaks, low oil level and water contamination I have not heard of too many...
2011 F150 4x4 5.0L
1996 Mustang GT 5spd/ragtop

#3798154 - 07/22/15 02:16 PM Re: Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110 [Re: aquariuscsm]
MolaKule Offline

Registered: 06/05/02
Posts: 19042
Loc: Iowegia - USA
They are both excellent gear lubes, and 75W110 makes the most sense for Trucks and SUV's.

I always recommend draining the oil at 5-10,000 miles and then thereafter at 30-50k intervals to ensure sufficient additive coverage.

#3798689 - 07/22/15 11:17 PM Re: Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110 [Re: MolaKule]
2015_PSD Offline

Registered: 09/26/10
Posts: 7234
Loc: SE Texas
Originally Posted By: MolaKule
I always recommend draining the oil at 5-10,000 miles and then thereafter at 30-50k intervals to ensure sufficient additive coverage.
This is great advice and is what I did with my FX4 (13,300 for first OCI). Have a look at the iron levels in the first OC/mileage versus the later ones (with 4 to 6x the mileage):

Date:			June | 2015		Jul | 2012		Feb | 2011
Oil Brand:		Amsoil			Motorcraft		Motorcraft
Type:			SVO				Synthetic Axle Oil	Synthetic Axle Oil
Oil Viscosity:		75W-140		75W-140			75W-140
API Service:		GL-5			GL-5			GL-5
Lab:				Blackstone		Blackstone		Blackstone
Truck Mileage:	149,289			69,600			13,300
Oil Mileage:		79,689			56,300			13,300
Make-Up Oil:		0				0			0
Aluminum:		1				1			1
Chromium		1				1			2
Iron:			120				148			429

PS...I highly recommend Amsoil Gear Oil (but have nothing against Redline--just never used it).
2018 MB AMG GLC43 3.0L Coupe - M1 0W-40/OEM
2018 MB C300 2.0L - M1 0W-40/OEM
2015 F-250 6.7L PS Diesel - Delo 5W-40/CQ Blue
2014 Explorer 3.5L Limited - M1 AFE 0W-20/FU

#3799233 - 07/23/15 01:17 PM Re: Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110 [Re: aquariuscsm]
Greasymechtech Offline

Registered: 07/11/14
Posts: 1544
Loc: Paradise of Florida

I've used Redline and Amsoil gear oil in diffs and transfer cases.
Coin toss as both are excellent. I also am fine with mixing 75w90 and 75w140 for brands that don't offer a 75w110.
At what point should a lurker start posting :-)

#4682903 - 03/03/18 02:55 AM Re: Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110 [Re: aquariuscsm]
Izb Offline

Registered: 07/02/08
Posts: 444
Loc: London, UK
The sulphur level of Redline (2.4%) is a typical level for GL-5 oils. But phosphorus level ( 0.3% ) is very high...
Can it be dangerous for seals, copper parts of gear boxes and so on?

#4682978 - 03/03/18 07:22 AM Re: Severe Gear vs Redline 75W110 [Re: aquariuscsm]
MaximaGuy Offline

Registered: 09/20/03
Posts: 1220
Loc: Austin, TX
Ran Amsoil 75W110 in TC and differential for 100K miles as in their product specs and it came out slightly dark. It very well could have been a fill for life but then being on BITOG made me drain it and try something else. Presently running RL 75W110 in TC and differential for over 50K miles and its as good as the Amsoil.

Amsoil would be my choice.
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2011 Lexus ES350
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