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#357518 - 05/19/04 12:40 AM Cingular phone company sucks
Dan4510 Offline

Registered: 05/19/03
Posts: 2363
Loc: Texas
I have had cingular cell phone service for nearly two years now.

Yesterday I went in to pay my bill and was told that in the future if I paid cash, there would be an extra charge for doing so.

I promptly told them that any company that wished to charge me extra for paying cash would have to pay a $25 service fee to me for doing so.

If you use cingular its now time to dump them.


#357519 - 05/19/04 12:58 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
T-Keith Offline

Registered: 01/20/04
Posts: 4870
Loc: MN
I have had AT&T for over two years now. They have always been very good on billing. We had our mail stolen once, and a bill didn't make it. They simply added the total to our next bill.

Now that AT&T wireless has been bought out by cingular, I hope that they don't change their service.


#357520 - 05/19/04 01:05 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
crainholio Offline

Registered: 10/31/03
Posts: 147
Loc: NJ
I just dumped Cingular last week. I paid extra for a GSM phone because I travel to Europe frequently.

First trip to Europe, the phone won't work...a call to Cingular shows they turned off Global Roaming for reasons unknown, can't turn it on immediately. A few days later I finally gave up.

2nd trip to Europe, no service again. Now they've deactivated it because I was late paying a bill a few months back. Can't turn it on now because I'm a delinquent payer.

3rd trip to Europe, I'm within a few days of my 1-year contract expiring anyway, they still can't turn it on because they want 6 months of on-time payment...and the one bill I was late on was 5 months ago. So I told the guy to cancel my service immediately...go thru all the babbling about how they hate to lose me, etc. So turn on Global Roaming. They wouldn't do it.

I'm finally rid of Cingular, my new AT&T Wireless phones were waiting for me when I got home, and if Cingular buys AT&T Wireless I get to fire them again. [Big Grin]

#357521 - 05/19/04 01:06 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Bob Woods Offline

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 1342
Loc: North of Dallas Texas
I've been a Cingular user for over two years, I've had great service and it works all over the country even in the Rocky Mountians and places where others don't work. As for paying the bill I have it automatically billed to my Discover card. Last month I had a phone screw up and they gave me a new phone and transfered my phonebook no charge. A couple times they billed me for off network roaming but I called them and got it taken off the bill.

[ May 19, 2004, 04:09 PM: Message edited by: Bob Woods ]

#357522 - 05/19/04 01:14 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Pablo Offline

Registered: 10/28/02
Posts: 47175
Loc: Duvall WA - Pacific NW USA
Some people beech about Verizon cell. I have had Verizon for 2+ years now and they are the best. Best billing, best coverage, best long distance...YMMV, the wife and I have the dual phone plan. She has the latest sex phone, you know, the kind like those type of girls use, and well I have a nice Audiovox, the kind where the stinking battery charges last months......

Dump'em without hesitation if you don't like them and they won't negotiate.

#357523 - 05/19/04 01:20 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Dan4510 Offline

Registered: 05/19/03
Posts: 2363
Loc: Texas
This irks me beyond patience because of the attitude that we are just cattle to be milked. When one applys the same logic to them they act like you have killed their pet cat.

I just got off the phone after a discussion with a low-level "service representative" that coulnt transfer me to a manager of any kind.

Its now "noted" in my account to not charge me extra for paying cash.



#357524 - 05/19/04 01:31 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Scott P Offline

Registered: 01/01/03
Posts: 767
Loc: Houston, TX
I've had good luck with Verizon. Right now, my cell is paid for by my employer. But, it's been over two years and my phone is starting to fail (Motorola Timeport). So, I need to get a new phone. In order to do that, I have to signa new contract and make it two years to really save on the phone cost.

I want to keep my number, so I have to get my boss to call and request the paperwork to transfer the number to me. I then have to buy a new phone and contract with that number. I already have a Verizon phone I gave to my wife. It is 16 months into a 24 month contract. To merge the two into a family plan requires a renewal of both contracts for two years. [Frown]

Now the fun part. It costs the same for me to have two separate plans as it does to have the family plan with in-network calling included on both lines. There is no benefit to having a family plan as I get 300 less minutes and still pay the same. At least the service is good.

#357525 - 05/19/04 06:07 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Chris142 Offline

Registered: 06/05/03
Posts: 15828
Loc: apple valley, ca
My first cell was with Cingular. The coverage in SoCal and Nevada was terrible, dropped calls were the norm. Everywhere I went I had roaming charges. One month I got a $600 bill for a 45 minute call I made from Laughlin,Nv.

I dumped them quick after that.

I couldn't get regular service from any other company so I got a prepaid phone from Verizon.

Here Verizon has the best coverage. Period. My phone was stolen and somehow someone ran up a $300.00 bill on it......Even tho it was a prepaid phone. Took almost a year to get that straightened out after they reported me to a collection agency. BTW I reported the phone stolen within an hour of it happening.

Now I have a prepaid AT&T phone. The coverage is fair, not great but ok.

#357526 - 05/21/04 12:23 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Lance Offline

Registered: 07/30/02
Posts: 145
Loc: Austin, TX
I used to use cingular, and I think they stink, too. I could never check my minutes, when Sprint had such a system up and running already. They were expensive. That was back in the dark ages though.

#357527 - 05/21/04 12:28 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Bob Woods Offline

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 1342
Loc: North of Dallas Texas
I used to use cingular, and I think they stink, too. I could never check my minutes,

For two years that I know of I could check my usage online or by calling customer service, now a Cingular user can just dial *646# and receive a free text message with minutes used.

#357528 - 05/21/04 12:39 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Schmoe Offline

Registered: 05/12/03
Posts: 7063
Loc: Oklahoma
Boy, what timing on this post. I just called AT&T wireless, whom I've been with since '97, and renewed my contract. After buying a cell phone in '97, I haven't bought one since. They have always given me a free phone when I re-new. I too have the monthlies go to my Discover Card, so much more convient. I mean face it, it's just a matter of time before cash will be just about obsolite. Anyway, I asked them about the Cingular thing. I was told that the ATT company will stay intact as it is now it's just that will be using some of cingulars coverage areas where as they didn't have it on their own and vice-versa. Also had "mysterious" phone charges, one call to them and they were taken off.
Oh yeah, learned something. Wife wanted one of those smaller Star Trek decoder type phones, and I was told that they are nice and all, but their signal strength sucks. Works good inside a city, but get out on the road and you'll experience a lot more drop-offs.

[ May 21, 2004, 03:41 PM: Message edited by: Schmoe ]

#357529 - 05/21/04 01:17 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Bobert Offline

Registered: 10/18/03
Posts: 805
Loc: Earth
I used to have Bellsouth wireless which was sucked up by Cingular. Bellsouth was very good when I had them, but soon as it changed to Cingular, service went downhill. Disconnects galore. Cingular disconnected my phone, the instant the bill was 2 days overdue. (Bellsouth would give at least 30days). Cingular would call me to sign up for automatic direct bank payments--no thanks. Cingular was a joke. I don't even use a cellular phone anymore, forget it. Landline only for me thankyou.

#357530 - 05/21/04 01:47 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
tec97 Offline

Registered: 12/17/03
Posts: 211
Loc: Florida Panhandle
[yoda voice]mmmmm... Yes! Suck, they DO!!!! Much sucking is there with Cingular![/yoda voice]

#357531 - 05/21/04 02:18 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
Al Offline

Registered: 06/08/02
Posts: 17579
Loc: Elizabethtown, Pa
Originally posted by Bob Woods:
it works all over the country even in the Rocky Mountians and places where others don't work.

What I have noticed is that any given carrier may be better in some areas than others. I loved Verizon and the signal was great everywhere except my home. So if I wanted to use long distance instead of using my land line, I needed to go with AT&T. [Smile]

#357532 - 05/21/04 03:08 AM Re: Cingular phone company sucks
tweeker43 Offline

Registered: 06/01/02
Posts: 1253
Loc: michigan
without naming names, all the phone services suck up here, unless you are on i75. there have been promises of new towers in the thumb, improved service, etc...

if the company didn't pay for my phone i would have whipped into oncoming traffic a long time ago.

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