These big speakers are becoming a burden & liability in a small apartment, especially when I move. I am considering selling them and just going down to a nice 3.1 bookshelf system until I buy a condo and can invest in more substantial speakers.

Fronts are Polk RTi10 in the cherry finish:

Center is the matching CSi5, also in cherry:

I might also consider selling a timbre-matched pair of switchable dipole/bipole surrounds, the old RT/FX. They're a vintage set but still work well and with proper placement can provide phenomenal immersion. Best results I got was placing them even with the couch on the side walls, but you can flip the switch and place them on the back wall too. I rarely see these things up for sale anymore and all of the new bipole/dipole speakers from Polk are like $499+. Depending on what I get next, I might be able to include some stands for these too.

Again, I am testing the waters here. The speakers are huge and I can't ship them, so you'd need to be in the Chicago area. I can probably deliver them to you, though I assume you'll want to come by and audition them first. I figured I'd ask here before the inevitable flood of looky-loos on Craigslist.

Polk sells refurb'd RTi10s for $660 + tax from time to time, though I have seen some horror stories about shipping damage, if you care to know.
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