2007 Tacoma, bought new by me in June 2007, 134,000 mi, M1-EP, 10K OCI

They've been seeping a little for quite a while now - not bad...just enough to where a little oil mist has formed a coating just where the coves meet the tops of the heads, and attracting dirt.

I've wondered if the M1 caused them to leak prematurely. Engine has only had M1 - I started off using regular M1, then switched to the old M1 Truck & SUV for a while. For many tens of thousands of miles now, it's had only M1-EP.

I want to change them before they start leaking worse, and wondering how involved a job it is. I assume the intake needs to come off?

Anything I should be careful of? Anything else I should change while I'm doing this job?
07 Tacoma V6 - M1 EP 5W-30, 182K, 10K OCIs
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