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#3351149 - 04/23/14 02:08 PM Re: Proposed (draft ) epa rules on the use of funnels. [Re: earlyre]
Miller88 Offline

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Originally Posted By: earlyre
My Car actually Came From the factory with a Small Funnel down in the spare tire kit, specifically for use with gas cans

Originally Posted By: exranger06
I thought the whole point of the no-spill gas cans was to eliminate the need for a funnel. It's a "no spill" can. It's not a "no spill only if you use a funnel" can.

Do you have the capless filler?
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#3351160 - 04/23/14 02:29 PM Re: Proposed (draft ) epa rules on the use of funnels. [Re: edwardh1]
surfstar Offline

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Originally Posted By: edwardh1
I saw in the Federal Register a proposal for comment on contracting (letting of contracts) to prepare rulemaking for containment of emissions from funnels. The justification cited is reduction of volatile airborne emissions, and concern on use of funnels by "homeowners" and other untrained persons outside the petrochemical industry. some type of self closing funnel was described, similar to the gas can fuel control system now in use. implementation date was listed as 2016 in california coastal area and NE USA


Google it and all you get is this BITOG thread. But lets carry on for more pages about the horrors of the alphabet agencies and the gubm't goons...

(edit) and this is in the "interesting articles" forum? I would think conspiracy/off topic would be a better fit.

Edited by surfstar (04/23/14 02:31 PM)
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#3362787 - 05/05/14 07:55 PM Re: Proposed (draft ) epa rules on the use of funnels. [Re: edwardh1]
morris Offline

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so who will be in charge of the funnel black market?

#3367154 - 05/09/14 09:32 PM Re: Proposed (draft ) epa rules on the use of funnels. [Re: edwardh1]
BMWTurboDzl Offline

Registered: 04/15/10
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Meh...wouldn't think twice about it. there are lots of things that congressman ask agency to look into or crazy bills they try to get added on to other bills. It's all show for the constituents back home.
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#3372767 - 05/15/14 07:16 PM Re: Proposed (draft ) epa rules on the use of funnels. [Re: edwardh1]
morris Offline

Registered: 08/24/08
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Loc: ks, wichita
HAY does the job of inspecting funnels pay good?

#3429502 - 07/19/14 06:43 PM Re: Proposed (draft ) epa rules on the use of funnels. [Re: edwardh1]
alternety Offline

Registered: 01/15/09
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Loc: Pacific NW
Wouldn't the ATF be a logical regulator? Alcohol, Tobacco, and Funnels. Get them out of guns and explosives.

Overall we need to do one of two things: Stop making stupid non-functional regulations, or revive the old mental hospitals and confine all the people that think they are helping (anything).

I suppose it would also work to restrict the rule making to people with sufficient intelligence and knowledge, and not reporting in one form or another to a politician owned by some special interest group with more money that one can easily imagine. Naah.

Edited by alternety (07/19/14 06:45 PM)

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