Hello all, These will fit in a Car with GMS 4T45E transmission, which is a 4 speed auto featured in the Saturn Aura, Chevy Malibu, Pontiac G6 as well as a few others.
In light of selling our Aura back to the dealership I am selling off a few maintenance items that are brand new. Perfect if you plan on doing a transmission fluid/filter change.
So as the title states I am selling an OEM transmission gasket, which is the thick rubber/metal type and not a cork one. The same one that GM puts on the 4T45E transmission new. I am also selling a Wix transmission filter that includes a cork transmission gasket and a filter neck washer.
Part Numbers:
Transmission gasket: (AC Delco) P/N 24203590 list $49.99
Transmission filter: (Wix) P/N 58611 list $29.20
THIS IS ONLY FOR THE 4T45E transmission, which is the 4 speed auto.
This is the the 4 Speed auto, I'm pretty sure this will not work for the 6 speed.
Amsoil oil filter, P/N EA15K03

The price of these cost me over $80.00 including taxes. I will sell both of them for $50.00 or shoot me a price. I will ship so no need to worry about shipping price. If you want pictures I can post them, but they are brand new.
I chose the Wix over the AC Delco just due to preference, I wanted to give it a shot to see how I like it, then next time get an ACdelco one. But since we sold the car back that will no longer happen. I have absolutely no need for these so I will end up selling for any price because it will just be a waste not to get rid of them.

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