A leak was detected after the flush and a good part of the tranny was dissected and I am told it has had 2 (or more) flushes in the last month or so. The ATF that is in there, I was assured, was the Redline I ordered up from the US.
I'm really looking forward to November of 2007 when I can have it flushed again. Then again the car could be written off or sold by then. Part of me is kinda hoping [Embarrassed]
But I have grown fond of the car and having parted with $2500+ in 6 weeks just makes me more dedicated to keeping it as long as possible.
This is only my second real car, I am sure most of the people reading this have had many more cars. [Off Topic!] My dad has made a science of buying used vehicles with a formula for their age, odometer, price range, etc. and then buys one, and 2-3 years later sells it for a very high % of what he had paid for it. I thank all those that buy their cars new, for stimulating the economy. I can't afford it and I shudder at the immediate depreciation (buy a car for $35,000 and drive it home from the dealer, then try to sell it and see how close to $35,000 you get for it [Mad]
2 hours 15 mins to 2006...