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#2509732 - 01/29/12 07:34 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: Donald]
Garak Offline

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 22387
Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
I'm surprised how sensitive these TPMS can be, speaking of temperature swings. My car is stored in a garage at 10 C. That's the temperature, of course, that I fill and check the tires, then.

We got a massive cold snap a couple weeks back, and the TMPS kicked in after the vehicle had been allowed to cool to ambient, even though the pressure was fine in the garage. I had to give a cushion of a couple PSI, and the light went out.
Plain, simple Garak.

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#2523122 - 02/02/12 02:26 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
eastbounddown22 Offline

Registered: 02/02/12
Posts: 4
Loc: Denver, CO 80230
Air pressure is surprisingly important for safety and even gas mileage. Always do a walk around check at least once a week.

#2525554 - 02/04/12 05:42 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
Capa Offline

Registered: 01/04/10
Posts: 1250
Loc: Oklahoma
Typically I check my tires once a month. However, when it gets below freezing during the winter I check twice a month. I also usually keep my tires overinflated by 2 PSI. It's amazing how much air the tires can lose when it is consistently below freezing.

#2534981 - 02/13/12 12:03 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: SteveSRT8]
HerrStig Offline

Registered: 08/24/11
Posts: 9550
Loc: Boston, MA
YUp, about 78% as I recall, so all the bad things that happen must be due to the 22% "other stuff".

#2550184 - 02/27/12 12:31 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
cutter Offline

Registered: 02/06/12
Posts: 846
Loc: Philadelphia, PA
I use a bicycle floor pump to top off air pressure weekly. The dial gauge on it is much more accurate than a stinky pen gauge as well.

#2551874 - 02/28/12 10:18 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: cutter]
R2d2 Offline

Registered: 12/08/08
Posts: 567
Loc: New York, L.I
I do the same thing, easy to put a couple pounds in.
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#2553431 - 03/01/12 01:06 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
HerrStig Offline

Registered: 08/24/11
Posts: 9550
Loc: Boston, MA
Rim corrosion on alloy rims can sneak up on you with very slow leaks.

#2582129 - 03/28/12 08:27 AM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: HerrStig]
Miller88 Offline

Registered: 04/09/08
Posts: 12259
Loc: Onondaga County
Originally Posted By: HerrStig
Rim corrosion on alloy rims can sneak up on you with very slow leaks.

Going to do a bump here ...

But I hate alloy wheels. Living in NYS I've come to hate them for a few reason - they corrode to the hub of the vehicle and when they get old they seem to warp constantly. My old car had alloy wheels, when it got around 8 years old, I was constantly replacing wheels. Granted, I would replace warped alloy wheels with junkyard wheels and those would only last maybe a year or less.

My Cherokee came with a set of A/T tires on 15'' Alloy wheels (I have a set of mud tires on 16'' steel wheels for everyday driving and off road). Sitting in my living room, one of them always goes flat. Nothing wrong with the tire, just a corroded wheel leaking air. Hate alloy wheels. I have a set of steel wheels I need to get repainted and mounted.

I have a bit of a weird method. I use a power inverter and a small compressor with tank, but it works well.
I don't have nice things for a reason

#2606935 - 04/22/12 09:39 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
Brigadier Offline

Registered: 03/11/12
Posts: 316
Loc: WA
My tires have a max pressure of 44 PSI, so I inflate mine to 38 psi cold.

#2644622 - 06/04/12 10:51 AM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
mystere Offline

Registered: 08/13/11
Posts: 10
Loc: California
I follow the old school method in maintaining tires: I inflate them to the maximum cold pressure posted on the tire sidewall. When the tire warms up during driving, the tire runs cooler when it's inflated to its maximum pressure. You're less likely to have the casing separate from the tire if you keep them inflated and running cooler. I have noticed more tire treads on freeways over the past 10 years. Also, whenever you buy new tires, be aware of what country the tire is manufactured in. Some of them are made in China, and are prone to having the casing (treads) separate when underinflated. Even when they're inflated to what the vehicle manufacturer recommends, they separate more often. If your vehicle has a TPMS and it turns on, it means your tires are underinflated to a very dangerous level, or that one of your tires has a leak. I had a screw in one of my tires once, and that triggered the TPMS on my Honda Fit.
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#2650097 - 06/10/12 09:13 AM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
CBR.worm Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 1809
Loc: Jupiter, Fl
I check them about every two weeks on the BMW. That is how long it takes for the left rear tire to drop from 36 to 30psi which will trigger the TPMS warning. It is a bad tire that has leaked since it was put on. We had it moved to a different rim and the leak followed the tire, but our local tire shop cannot find a leak - I assume it has to be rolling under load to leak. The other 3 Conti's lose a little air and need to be added to every couple months - they will lose 6 psi in that time. It could be the wheels or TPMS seals, etc., but we need to keep an eye on them.

The FX has a digital readout for each tire on the dash, it has Yokohama Parada-X 's, they lose very little. I typically have to add air when the temperature drops, then they will stay in range for the rest of the year.

On my G35 I have to add air when it gets cold and let air out when it gets hot. They typically do not lose any air. That was with Goodyear F1 GS-D3's, Michelin PS2's and Michelin Pilot SS's. With the Continental DW's I had to add air about once a month, which seemed totally reasonable. I check them about once a month or before I abuse them.

What is interesting is watching how much tire pressure drops when you are on the highway and go into a rainstorm that drops the temperature from 90 to 70 degrees. In the FX it is not uncommon to see a 4 psi drop with the cold wet. I assume tire temp drops much more significantly with the water cooling them, I also imagine the asphalt temp drops from over 140 degrees to about 90.
'06 Infiniti G35 Sedan 6MT - 160k

#2650146 - 06/10/12 10:15 AM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: mystere]
Astro14 Offline

Registered: 10/10/10
Posts: 7819
Loc: Virginia Beach
Originally Posted By: mystere
I follow the old school method in maintaining tires: I inflate them to the maximum cold pressure posted on the tire sidewall.

That's not old school...that's just wrong...

That pressure is predicated on the tire's max load rating...and has nothing to do with what pressure your application requires...there have been so many threads on this, I won't bother to repeat, but I would encourage you to do a little research and updating to your approach...
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#2656464 - 06/17/12 12:23 AM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
Prelude Offline

Registered: 05/18/06
Posts: 78
Loc: Toronto, Canada
I find it excessive to check the pressure once a month unless there is a problem. The pressure in my tires doesn't change much even after 3 month. So usually I check the pressure every season to adjust it according to the ambient temperature. I set up the pressure in a specific way: rear tires - 2.0 bar as recommended but I inflate the front tires to the pressure I find the most comfortable and safe but not less that the recommended. Currently it is 2.4 bar which is not far from the recommended 2.2 bar. 2.5 bar makes the car to oversteer a bit.

#2665081 - 06/25/12 10:48 PM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
Onug Offline

Registered: 03/19/12
Posts: 241
Loc: Washington, USA
I check the tires every 2-4 months as I get time, and the spare once a year.
2016 F-150 3.5L Ecoboost
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#2675568 - 07/06/12 09:44 AM Re: CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE! [Re: JHZR2]
Benzadmiral Offline

Registered: 10/12/05
Posts: 4902
Loc: Da Swamp
Now that I have a plug-in inflator from Sears, I do it about once a month and before a road trip, and on the rare occasion that the temperature drops around here.

Since the spare is a little hard to get to -- it's under the floor of the trunk, and I have to unpack everything to get to it -- I check it about every six months, or before a road trip.
* *
-- Paul W. (The Benzadmiral)
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