Related to this thread, but significant enough for me to start a new thread about it.

So as I mentioned and showed in that thread, I had a leak from the transmission/engine area. I took it in to the dealership on Monday, for the leak. This morning I got the call that it was repaired, and I could pick it up.

According to the invoice they gave me, they replaced the clutch and seals in accordance with this TSB, TSB 14-0047. (For reference, my build date is 12/20/12)

This involved pulling the engine and transmission, replacing the input shaft seal. I told them I wanted a new clutch assembly, not a cleaned one. They seem to have taken that to heart, as they did replace the clutch assembly with a brand new one. This means I got new transmission/gear fluid as well, which saves me some work and cost later. In addition, they flashed the TCM and PCM with the latest software available.

They apparently had the parts on hand, as it only took several days to repair it, I would imagine if they had to order parts it would have taken another few days at least.

The difference is like night and day. Whether due to the new software, or having a non oil contaminated clutch, or both, the transmission behavior is completely different. I never really had an issue with how it worked before, but holy cow. It's so much smoother now. Full clutch engagement from a stop is much, much faster than it was before. All upshifts are lightning quick, before at lower throttle they were a bit more relaxed. Pretty much all upshifts are completely seamless and unnoticeable unless you are watching the tach during typical acceleration. It's so much smoother at low speeds, when letting off the gas, it feels a lot more like the behavior and feel you'd expect from a torque converter auto. It's a HUGE improvement, again, night and day compared to how it was before. Downshifts are also much faster and smoother than they were before, particularly same-shaft downshifts (ie 5-3, 4-2 etc)

In addition to this, the throttle response seems faster and more immediate than it was before- and again, that was never anything I had a complaint about. Previously when say, on the highway and you'd push the throttle to downshift and accelerate, there was a little delay before it downshifted. Noticeable. That is pretty much completely gone, and the downshift is completed much faster and more smoothly than before. The A/C also seems to perform better, I'd imagine that and the throttle response stem from the updated PCM software, rather than the TCM.

The invoice cost was $1280 or so with parts and labor ($688 labor,and $592 in parts), all covered under warranty of course.

Long story short, I could not be happier with the way Ford and the dealer treated me, and I could not be more pleased with the repair itself, I got a new clutch, they fixed the leak, and the updated software is simply phenomenal.
2013 Ford Focus SE 2.0L/85,000miles/Valvoline Synpower 0W-20/MC FL400S