1995 Chevy Caprice. 4.3L V8. Bought new, loaded out. Family car, raised my three kids in the back seat of it.

Then in 2007, oldest daughter turned 16 and she drove it through her high school years and half of her college. Middle daughter took over and drove it until now, she is getting my truck to go off to college in. Son turns 16 very soon, he will have 2.5 years in it.

Its mechanically sound, but beat to death. My eldest wrecked it badly, but we fixed it up and rolled on. Used for extreme short tripping, just 5 blocks, but across busy highway (so no option to walk). A/C broke, cruise broke, interior torn, numerous parking lot dings. Way too much to fix on a 200,000 mile car.

How would you guys maintain this? I am thinking just oil changes, nothing more. Any automotive end-of-life strategies I should consider? I am really going to miss this ole' car. Tons of memories in it... frown