so I pay for a cell phone for my parents to use. So I just bought them an HTC desire. Well about a month of owning the phone it stopped working. It would not power on. My dad contacted HTC and they sent him a new battery and said they had to do that before they can work on the phone. Well battery arrived and charged over worked for a few minutes and the next morning was dead again. So HTC wants the battery first before they can work on phone....they cant have 2 tickets open at the same time. So I call Virgin....this is where it gets really stupid. For them to access my account they need the pin number....well I do not remember the pin....and the only way for them to send me the pin number is for them to text it to me!!! But the phone is dead!! They cant physically mail it to my address.....they cant text it to another phone....they cant email it to me!! The manager was very nice and totally understood me and wanted to help....he says this is not the first time this has happened.....there is no other option!! Even he could not see my pin because I told him if he read me off 5 different combos I could recognize the correct one....he said he only sees ****** he cant even access it without me giving it to him!!! So what do you do if you lose your phone and dont remember the pin?? So thankfully my mom still had the old phone and the text message that was sent via a text months ago before I purchased the new phone for them!! Wow.....I know its my fault for forgetting the pin and not keeping it from before but I never had any idea it was this difficult! Really a terrible system. But I wanted to make sure I would let people know before they had to waste several hours of their day to deal with stupid!

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