First post. Love the forum so far. Thanks to all who participate.

Went in for my camry hybrid's free 20kmi service today. Afterward I asked if they used TGMO, just curious. I was initially told the 0w20 was bulk valvoline synthetic that "met toyotas specs." I wast surprised, you get what you pay for. Figured I'd change it after 5km, not go the whole 10k on this OCI. Then I checked the invoice. I was "charged" for 5 quarts 00279-0wqte...the good stuff! I didn't get what I paid for at all. The service manager swears the service rep was mistaken and they can't run any 0w20 besides TGMO (which is delivered in bulk), and that's what they put in my car, not valvoline.

At this point I'm incredibly skeptical of everything they say. Anyone know if this is true - Toyota service centers (dealer) can only use TGMO for 0w20 for warrantied service?

Let's assume it was some bulk 0w20 and it meets SN, should I go the whole 10000 miles? I'm not goin to shell out money for a UOA at 5k when a DIY change is $30.