For years I have observed many people asking stupid questions on this forum about selecting the best oil for the car that they already own. The manufacturer of this car often demanded using inferior oil types such as the 20-grade oils, like 0W20 or 5W20. People are asking about the best 5W20 synthetic every day, or whether it's ok to just pour the superior a 5W30 or even 10W30 oil without voiding the warranty. And then it just struck me: the main problem that we're facing on this forum is that we all chose a wrong car to begin with. Therefore I thought, why not just buy a stash of the best oil ever made, and only after buying the best oil ever made to select the best car that's designed for this oil?

And so, I bought a few bottles of AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30 in advance. I bought the AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic because this is the only real synthetic oil. I know that AMSOIL is superior to those [censored] Group III based oils. The oils that use the inferior group III base stocks are not even real synthetic oils. And you can't even compare Moly-based friction modifiers vs calcium based. Moly is much better, and that's a fact. Moreover, I know that AMSOIL uses the best fresh base stocks instead of the recycled garbage such as the Valvoline Nextgen. Finally, I will never accept using a 5W20 or 0W20 weight oils in my car. It pours like water and everyone knows that the only reason that car manufacturers recommend 20-grade oil is to meet the CAFE fuel efficiency standards.

It should be clear by now why I insist on using AMSOIL Signature Series 5W30. This is the best oil that exists in the world. What I really need right now is to find a car that works best with this oil. There are too many chooses, and so I would appreciate some well thought out suggestions. The number of seats, doors, cylinders, cup holders, or the budget do not matter as long as the car is designed to work with the God's chosen motor oil.