So, the brake line (not the whole line, but a good portion of it) on my 14-year-old Saturn rusted to the point it needed to be replaced to pass inspection---not to mention safety.

Local shop installed new brake lines, transferred fluids, car passed inspection, etc. Good job---but now the brake pedal travels farther before stopping power engages. I noticed this straight away, and at first put it down to the usual adjustment period with new brakes. It has not gotten better after three days, though, so I start to worry.

I am pretty sure it is not simply air in the lines. I know what that feels like. This is just....farther pedal travel. The stopping power is perfectly fine, once it engages, but it takes longer to engage.

My plan is to take it back to the shop on Saturday to see what they think. First thing is to check for air and bleed the lines, if needed, I would think---but as noted I don't think that's the issue.

Is this something I should worry about, or am I crazy? (Or both?)

2005 Corolla LE, 1.8L
M1 EP 5w-20, Fram Ultra XG4386
Continental TrueContact 195/65R15