Maxima 2000 approx 200K miles; Out of blue I got call today that my son noticed it is very hard to turn to right and also makes "bird chirping" noises when turning right. After warm up, it was fine. To be fair, it has been unseasonably cold today and it was quite a swing in the temperature as of yesterday.

These vehicles are known to blow the high pressure hose and this vehicle is at least 100K miles over the normal life of that hose! But the reservoir level is fine and there is no leak that he can see or no puddle under the vehicle. That rules out the usual culprit.

I asked him to take it to mechanic and put it up on the lift. I can't see apart from an actual fault in rack and pinion ($$$$$$$) anything else that could lead to this behavior. Besides, most rack and pinion faults do end up in loss of fluid and ample evidence where it becomes obvious that rack needs to be replaced. I am also asking him to get the power steering system flushed.