Something is severely contaminating engine (Toyota 4Y) oil in our forklift at work. When I first saw the contamination I figured head gasket leak, so I had an oil sample analysed at a good lab, run by the large local CAT dealer. They found lots of water but no glycol.

So I have been checking various systems on the engine but keep coming back to an antifreeze to oil leak through a blown headgasket. I think the lab made an error and missed the glycol.

Today I transferred the drained contaminated oil from the engine from one container to another. It had been sitting outside with last night's temperature being -17C and today's daytime temperature being -8C. I noticed that there were no chunks of ice in the oil/water mixture. Should I conclude that this indicates antifreeze contamination and not water contamination?

The water is really mixed in with the oil. After a week of sitting motionless, there has been so separation whatsoever of water from the oil in the drained oil container.

I am going to try an experiment tonight and leave a mixture of oil and water outside and see if it ices up. The only problem is that I wont be able to mix the water into the oil as thoroughly as the engine did.
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