My moms been on vacation so I have been going over to feed her animals and start her car. Did so Monday everything was fine. Went over today started the car and it started for a brief second and shut off. Then just cranked and cranked. I pumped the throttle and after about 6 ten second cranks. (I let it sit a minute between cycles.) It sputtered to life blowing quite a bit of black smoke and then once gathering itself it amoothed out and was fine.
Its a 2010 has 69,000 on it and has never done this. She has an extended warranty so itll be covered most likely. I drove it straight to the dealer so she wouldnt have to mess with it. But now its running fine so the dealer may not find an issue. Anyone have any experience with maybe a similar issue. Or even have an idea what could cause that? It didn't throw a cel. I was hoping it would. I assume it was getting fuel since when it started it blew black smoke.
it drive fine the 15 miles to the dealer though. Go figure.. also I didnt know this but rhe car has a one touch self crank system. So itll crank for an extra 8 seconds or so even after you stop Turning the key in the event that the car doesnt start itll keep trying..., I don't particularly care for that system but such is life.

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