I'm new to oil analysis so I just wanted to post the results I have so far for people to hopefully help me understand how to read these.

This first report on my VK45DE motor in my FX45 was with the Valvoline 5w-30 oil I have been using religiously since I bought my FX over 9yrs ago. I was typically changing the oil every 3,750 miles as it has been well documented how harsh these Nissan engines can be on oil. You'll see in the remarks that I had made a note to Blackstone about checking the oil level before I replaced the oil an found it to be low, which was normally the case. From other Infiniti FX forums it has been concluded that this is normally attributed to blow by at the piston rings as the design on these aren't the best and tend to get clogged up. Most of this info comes from people who had smoking and decided to pull the motor for a rebuild at higher mileage.

At this oil change I have switched over to Shell Rotella T6 5w-40 as a lot of people have had good results and noticed they had very little oil loss at 5k OCI and beyond. I am planning on pulling a sample to send in for analysis at 5K miles to start making a determination on the best OCI for my higher mileage FX. I will also pay attention to oil loss up to the 5K interval (it takes a while as I don't drive this during the winter).

Thats the back story, and here is the first oil analysis at about 127.5K miles. Probably one of the BEST vehicles I have ever owned! I'm debating on whether I will sell her, but only because I'm looking at restoring a muscle car. Need another hobby....... smile