I'd like some recommendations on what oil I should use and any additives for 2 vehicles. I've been using the same products for both vehicles for years. Mobil 1 Super 5000 10w - 30, Engine Restore, Fram Oil filter, recently added a little seafoam before last oil change. Thanks.

Vehicle #1 : 2002 Ford F-150 4.6L V8
111K miles
Daily driver - short trips
Warm climate - Live in the Southeast

This truck uses about 1 quart of oil between changes. There are no external leaks (no drip spots) and no excessive smoking. If I don't crank the truck for a week or so and then fire up it will smoke a little for about 10 - 15 seconds. I only recently thought I might benefit from swapping to high mileage oil but wanted to check here first.

Vehicle #2 2004 Ford Freestar Van 3.9L V6
92k miles
Daily driver - Short trips daily but also a few long trips each year.
Warm Climate

This vehicle doesn't seem to use much oil between changes. I was wondering if a high mileage oil might be good here as well.

I don't have a preference between synthetic or conventional, whichever would work best for me is what I want. I don't care if I have to order or buy in store. I usually change my oil twice a year, we don't do that much driving.

Considering both vehicles are above what is considered "high mileage" (which is [censored] to me, 75k is just getting started) I was wondering if a different oil might help stop my truck from using oil and prevent my wifes van from beginning. Also, are any additives worth using? I'm a strong believer in seafoam for fuel system (I saw first hand what it did to my ATV engine) but I wasn't sure if it actually did any good to add to oil system.

Thanks for any help,

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