I noticed this on one of my cars. 35PPM sodium. I also noticed it on some other people's UOAs of same engine, but not early in the life, once the car had 40,000+. When the cars are newer, they had like 8ppm Sodium.

Is it a very small amount of coolant getting into the oil? The engines never had oil with sodium additive.

Is there any other explanation? Can sodium be normal for any reason if not an additive?

I do notice the car has a small amount of coolant disappear over say 5,000 miles, enough to go from hot to cold in reservoir lines, about 6 ounces, but I have had other cars that had coolant slowly go away too that didn't show it in oil analysis.

So yeah, just trying to find out if there is ever any normal reason to see sodium?

Techron is often used, but any idea if it causes sodium to appear?

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