My sisters 02 Liberty 3.7L started acting up , threw a CEL. I live over 200 miles away so fixing whatever it was wasnt possible . I had her check the codes via the key method and came up with a P0303 . I suspected a bad coil , so sent her to my parents mechanic. I have never had a problem with him and thought he was fair and honest. I was shocked when she calls me to say the bill was $375 to replace a single coil , and change the plugs. I dont have access to my labor guides but this seems pretty steep. Changing plugs and a coil on a 3.7L is a breeze . Area labor rate is around 100-120 per hour. I hate to think of my little sister being taken advantage of . If anybody could give me the labor times for this , would greatly appreciate it. Thanks BITOG!!
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