So my wife had about had enough looking at private party cars for 4000-5000 with 120,000 + miles on them one did had 108,000 but had been in an accident.
This car was 9995 I talked them down to 6,000 which I realize isn't a awesome deal for a 11yr old car but it's one owner and very clean and very low miles!!
What do you guys think? The bumper is the only flaw what's a good way to fix the discoloration?
Also should I concerned with the timing belt? I told them in the deal I wanted the timing belt done they said we will work out the details on it but were willing to discuss it. We were approved but they are wanting to get better numbers so he will have it done tomorrow. We put 3,000 down and I'm going to pay for about 6 months and then pay it off.

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