I got this oil analysis back for my Allis Chalmers 301. A little background on the engine. It is a 2900 series engine, which is 301 cu in wet sleeve diesel. It is a later model with copper injector cups instead of copper washers in the head. I rebuilt it at 5900 hrs, which was a little over 400 hours ago because a copper injector sleeve started leaking and it got bad where the antifreeze was in the bottom of the pan and ate started doing damage to the original bearings. This time around, I was working it hard with a disc harrow when it started to puke coolant (only at about 210-220 degF). When I got out while I left it idling around 1500 rpms to cool down, I noticed that the blow by tube had some condensation on the tip and the blow by was excessive and very white/steam-like. The head was retorqued right after the rebuild. The sleeves all measured with enough protrusion. Everything inside the block was replaced and the head had the leaking injector cup/sleeve replaced with a new one and pressure checked fine and was still in spec (no machining needed). I am being told leaking sleeve o-ring, but I am still thinking I have a lingering head problem based on the history. Any ideas for a way to differentiate besides dropping the pan and doing a pressure test (and hoping it leaks while it is no very hot) and watching the bottom of the sleeves for any leaks? Is there an additive/test kit that can detect combustion gasses?

Link to oil analysis

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