Hey guys, I have done some reading, and it seems that my car (05Wrx) or most Subaru's in general "need" an oil filter with a 23psi bypass valve in it, due to the relatively high volume and pressure of the oem Subaru oil system.

From the research I have done, it seems almost all major oil filter manufacturers (Wix, Bosch, Mobil1, K&N, Fram etc) offer us filters with 8-12 psi bypass valves, meaning oil would bypass the filter most of the time.

Supposedly Purolator makes a filter for us with 16 or 18 psi bypass valve, I believe.

It seems like the "older" "black" oem Subaru filters were of better quality than the newer "blue" oem filters (made by Honeywell...Fram?) But seems impossible to find.

Are there any good non-oem oil filters that offer 20-23 psi bypass valves in them?
Anyone know where to find the black Subaru filters?

I have read that 09? and newer Mazda Rx8's used the same filter as the earlier black Subaru filters, just with Mazda on it. I also read '12? and new H6 Subarus do as well. But I have no Idea.