I have a 2012 Kia Forte 6spd with 38k on it now. The owners manual says the transmission holds 2 quarts of fluid. But, on Kiatechinfo.com I am able to access the actual service manual the dealership uses to repair the car. On kiatechinfo.com it says to fill the transmission until it starts weeping out of the fill hole. After putting in 2 quarts I don't feel any weeping or cannot feel the fluid below the fill hole. So I put in a little more than a half quart and still don't really find any weeping. I don't really want to put in anymore because I would be over a quart over what the owners manual says.

So far its 2 quarts of Amsoil MTG and about alittle less than 2/3 of a quart of Pennzoil Synchromesh 75w90. The trans shifts the best it ever has with this mix, I just don't want to mess up my trans.