I have a 2002 Coupe, and the specs on the oil are out of date. Oils have improved since then, and there is no more CMCC spec. It has been replaced by ASEA.

My manual says: "Use SAE 5W/40 API SG/CD - CCMC G5". That's impossible to find. SG/CD has also been superceded by letters further down the alphabet, as well.


This is what I'm going to use for my next DIY oil change:

The specs on Pennzoil read:
Exceeds the requirements of ACEA A3/B3/B4.
Exceeds the requirements of API SM/CF and previous categories.
Ferrari Exclusive to Pennzoil UltraTM in the USA
(Maserati Coupe engine is essentially a Ferrari 4.2L V8, made in the same Ferrari factory.)

Pennzoil synthetic is better than what the auto came with from the factory. Of course I'll use an OEM filter. I don't think an aftermarket filter even exists.

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