Haven't posted on here for a long time, but recently got a UOA back. This is a 9,000 mile drain interval on Motul 8100 5w40 full-synth -- it's the second change with this oil, which I switched to at the recommendation of my new tuner (I moved to Arizona). I didn't get a sample last time because I had to change my entire oil pan (nasty rock dinged up my undercarriage a bit and directly impacted my temp sensor/drain plug, creating a leaky seal. the new temp sensor is mounted separately in the pan).

I was using Redline for a while (easy to spot with the high molybdenum readings) and GC. Looks like it's holding up just fine despite the long interval and scalding temps we get down here (we can go a month without the temp falling BELOW 90 degrees). I have not done any trackdays on the car for a while though.

Iron obviously is a bit of a concern... not sure if there may be something there with my new oil pan/temp sensor/etc or what. Silicon also high, which may just be a factor of having TONS of dust in the air down here... the mountains outside my house are obscured by blowing dust as I type this. I actually switched from a K&N to a paper filter with my most recent change, so we'll see what happens....

The last UOA thread I posted is here: GC UOA

The car was further modified since then (mostly just porting and ceramic-coating the headers/turbo/exhaust) and retuned, now making about 315 AWHP on 91 octane.


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