Sorry, this is going to be quite long:

My daughter-in-law's Buick Rendevous (3.4 AWD) is dead. It has a no crank problem. I've never ran into this before and my GM experience has only been with OBD-I. Most of my OBD-2 has been on my Blue Ovals and those were simple fixes (O-2 sensors etc.)

Here is what I have done so far:

Engine will not crank:

Checked battery and found nearly dead cells. Replaced battery.

Still no crank. Unable to hear starter relay engage. Unable to get under vehicle to physically confirm if power reaching starter, but I'm reasonably confident it's not.

Fuel pump will not energize (no 2 second pre-pressurization when key turned on).

Checked for fuel pressure on fuel rail. No pressure at Schrader valve.

Checked all fuses on affected circuits as best as possible with available tester.

Swapped identical relays from one system to another in order to isolate fault. No help. Returned relays to original positions.

When key turned on, odometer will come up with miles and then read "error".

Theft prevention light is not flashing.

Seems as if the theft prevention system is holding out fuel pump relays and starter circuit.

Need to obtain code reader for any other analysis...........

Note: Her Uncle came over and used his code reader (don't know what he had) and said that the computer wouldn't communicate with his reader??? That didn't sound right to me as I am under the impression that even a dead computer would throw a code. I'm pretty sure this vehicle has a body computer also.

Now for the code reader. I need to spring for a new one anyway for my own use. I want one that does more than just read a code. The Equus Innova 3160b seems to fit the bill pretty well. It has live data and other features. Snap-On won't be an option as whatever I get will have to be E-tailed through Amazon or other online vendors.

I would really appreciate any imput on a diagnostic reader AND where do I go from here on this Buick?!?! Has anyone here experienced this condition?? Thanks to all!!!!!!!