My brother e-mailed me today. His 2008 BMW 528xi has 69K miles on it and I guess there's some kind of indicator saying that he'll need new pads in approximately 1K miles.

I've done pads and rotors on three cars before. A 98 Grand Prix, a 99 Grand Prix, and an 02 Civic. The instructions/procedure for doing the BMW look pretty much the same.

Anyone have a 5-Series and have a pad recommendation? I took a peek at AAP's site and saw Akebono, Wearver, and Beck/Arnley as options.

When replacing the pads, I should really get the rotors turned, right? (That's assuming there's still enough thickness to be turned.)

If they need to be replaced, AAP listed Akebono, Wearver, and Beck/Arnley as options just like the pads.

Thoughts and input appreciated, as always. cheers
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