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Hey, if he doesn't want to take advice, he has every right to kill his car with negligence.

I don't know how much I'd try to help someone who doesn't seem to want it.

I agree... but if i start using the car.. or want to sell it.. the guy seems TOTALLY fine letting it get so bad that AAMCO will rebuild it for him. shrug

Then he tells me he doesnt want me to drive it faster than 60MPH. And why he doesnt drive his own car.. idk. Not sure what his deal is.

Im starting to think it is a simple "low on fluid." It acts better on that one full quart i added than it did. The old fluid is so nasty and likely so low i smelled burning before.. if the whine were to go away it would be acting perfect. shrug

(And here i am trying to sneak fixing this guy's car. He didnt even pick up on that i added one quart, and gas. Debating.)

Its really, really hard to have someone so dumb with their car and so fargone that YOU have to sneak HELPING their car.

Also, FWIW, a previous car i had was so low it needed more than 4 more like 5 quarts of ATF added to it before it ran without a hitch. So that also leads me to believe its being so neglected (engine oil too, he refuses to TOUCH that) that the fix aside from the whine is simple.

Im not really sure what the guy's problem is, but i might end up having this car as my own. And i cant see myslef saying "no" to a free second or third car.

This is the free car i would be getting, as he is maybe going somewhere he cant have it, and that means free car for me.. No idea he would be coming over to live too. His ex beat on he car pretty well, now he doesnt want to touch it. Mmhmm.

I got word my cousin was going to be coming in with all his stuff. But this part is new to me.