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Why so little? The drain plug is very easy to take out. You can use a standard socket drive.

Ohh trust me it would have been switched out by now, but its not my car. The guy that has it is a little ornery. I still cant get a straight answer out of him if he put in Castrol Syntec (grade unknown) or Accel straight-30, "Non detergent" Oil. The guy is.. well he is a good guy but his car knowledge isnt all there, if at all. So, i just snuck to Walmart and put in a quart of Supertech High Mileage in the red bottle, unbeknownst to the owner. wink

What i notice so far is.. well it did zero as to the whine so there is definitly a transmission issue. However i notice less of a "Burning" smell, as the last two times the car was driven, there was a slight "burnt" smell when the car slowed and we got out. Adding the quart seemed to lessen the smell. (Its hot down here)

Now motor oil must wait, it is probably a bad oil for the car (straight 30, omg) and i cant change it either. frown

Whine could be related to valve body? Maybe there is still hope. I dont know...