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I had a 96, it does not have a pan or a filter. I drained and filled mine every year regardless of mileage with synthetic and it still failed at 149,000. Genetic, just a poor transmission.

You can probably get a rebuild in there fro 2500 but a lot of other factors to consider.

Well AAMCO quoted $1400. Maybe that is kind of a good price for this job, since to "check it out" they wanted $425 to get the AT out of the car. They diagnosed and said it is the "Gears in the transfer case" as NHGUY said (said it IS coming from the transmission) and that they didnt have a pan or filter.. i have to say didnt believe him but it seems that guy knows his stuff, he said "You are getting on the gear under acceleration that is when you hear the whine, then you are letting off the gear that is when you dont hear it, its something internal and we wont know until we get it out." He also advised AGAINST putting new fluid in there.) Hmmm.

Wondering if i should try to get some of the fluid out with an evacuator, or just leave it since the car runs ok aside from that weird double-slam when it goes into gear sometimes. (It looks brownish, the fluid. Level appears to be proper.) Unfortunately, this car was beat on a bit by the two drunk women that didnt care about the vehicle and drove it very very harshly (they knew it wasnt their car, and the previous owner who im getting it from, he and his wife went through a divorce. Clues, lol.)

Would you try to get SOME of the fluid out, not all? Or just wait until i can get AAMCO to rebuild? Id rather to "rebuild" not "used trans" thats equally as bad lol

This is the first car i have ever had with a while like this. My family had a 1996 Aerostar that had the whine too. They can live with it. I cant.