The 1999 Mercury Mystique with the I4 has a transmision whine under acceleration cold or hot. The fluid looks brownish and this car has been neglected. The whine goes away when the car is at speed, but still.. normal shifting, when i keep my foot on the brake and put it in reverse, even after i feel what i *think* is engaging, after i let off the brake, i sometimes (not all the time) i then feel a hard *clunk* or *slam* as if it has engaged again? .. car then whines under acceleration, any speed. The whine goes away when the gas pedaul is not being pressed, cruise control works, no whine when the foot is off the gas.

Vehicle speed consistent, not RPM consistent.

Just took it to AAMCO and i dont even need to tll you what they said (AAMCO means "All Automatics Must Come out" and yes thats what they told me, it has to come out. Yay) laugh

They also told me it "Doesnt have a pan or filter." Umm, WHATTTT!???

So, whats the diagnosis here. Car has just shy of 170,000 miles and was driven by two neglecting females that get drunk early, drive it on "E" for a month at a time or more, and drove it over to Galveston-area beach and drove it up on the sand and did some nice transmission neglect with wheels spinning in sand dunes cry so happywhats the deal with the car smile