Used vehicle purchased in February. This is the first UOA I have for this vehicle. Previous 2 owners gave it 106K of normal dino oil changes, I did 2 short OCI’s with chevron Delo 15w40 one 500 the other 1500 miles. Then a 3k OCI with Delvac 1, ( have sample, have not sent it in ) , and then this 5k OCI, I do not have the exact time in use but it was around 3 months,

2 doses of Redline fuel system cleaner in consecutive fillips near the end, one of the 2 make up quarts was Mobil 1 5w40 T&S. sump has seven-quart capacity. Toyota 20002 filter used, nothing found in filter but oil, using Toyota paper air filter, the PO had a K&N installed witch was removed shortly after discovery

The cruiser is my daily driver has a ~35 mile one way commute, almost all of witch is freeway, did some mild off pavement stuff (nothing strenuous) and some very short around town towing this summer

I did remove the valve cover to check the valve clearance (DOHC) I don’t think I contaminated the engine.

I do have a heavy foot, tend to speed everywhere I go, on the way to work (majority of miles, maybe 75%? ) I set the cruise @ 75-80


Not sure what to make of this, my previous vehicle had high lead as well although much higher, wonder is there is something in the gas around here? I may have to switch stations

Mobil 1 15w50 was put in at this oil change, I had it arround so decided to put it in for a short OCI to see how it does this fall, after that will be Mobil 1 0w40 for the winter

[I dont know] Any idea’s on the lead?