your post seems kinda combative Glum... hope you are having a Great day.
1)No. never changed my transmission fluid.
3)My memory is failing me on this one.. but SPIII and ATF +3 are both highly friction modified fluids more so than the original dexron 3/mercon.

The original specs for mercon and mercon V were not interchangeable but now they are met with the same fluid that meets 10 other specs too....

A final note: I'm not saying maxlife atf makes the transmission die. I was saying if it dies with it in it..Hyundai is notorious for denying warranty claims anyway they can. They DO perform testing on the fluid if the transmission fails before any repair work is done.

The whole atf horror story was a joke.. as the internet is full of them. Personally I'm not brave enough to void my warranty by using non spec fluid. Even if the factory fluid is mediocre.

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