That's the sound of RAW POWA!!!!

LOL! grin

The Expedition has a Magnaflow on it. You'd never know it. It is only louder (and it sounds wonderful) when you are on it.

The Lincoln has a set of Flowmaster 40's. Quiet, yet with a distinct tone. The cats keep it quiet.

The M5 is dead-silent. It has 4 mufflers and a huge set of resonators, as well as massive cats. I love it, but am half of the idea that it is too quiet for my taste. Might go Borla or Magnaflow, both who make cat-back's for it. Not far from each other in price. I imagine both would be factory-quiet unless you are on the "go pedal".

A properly done exhaust will enhance how the car sounds without being over the top. It won't be too loud. It won't be too quiet. It will be quiet when necessary and loud when you make it that way. And when it is louder, it won't be obnoxious. It will simply enhance the tone of the car's note in a way that is a pleasure for the ears to behold.

A flatulence cannon from Pep Boys, "The Zone", Canadian Tire....etc. is not a properly done exhaust. And the people that are slapping them on aren't likely interested in a properly done exhaust anyway. Those can cost a lot of money and are always a lot harder to install. Not just a sawsall and exhaust clamp away from "complete".
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