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Because they equate loud with fast.

That's why I love the big Mercs with V12s...whisper quiet but real tire-smokers.

Yep, no need to advertise.

Although I am partial to a Ferrari V12 or 8 at full wail, or a Porsche flat 6.

I just don't really care for the little cheap ricy cars running around, plus the drivers have attitudes and want to race which is lame, since there cars have like 130hp so what's the point?

When your in a nice car sitting at a light its super annoying when they pull up to you and rev and want to race.

Good engines sound good, cheap economy 4 bangers don't keep the mufflers on. Its not a Bugatti.

I still think a Rolls Royce 12 at full sing is just about pure sex.

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