I live at a intersection with a 3 way stop. Cars continuously run the stop signs. Not even "California Stops". Just running it at high speeds.

I found an old 12v siren in my parts cabinet at work. Hooked it up to a DeWalt drill battery and it made a perfect police siren sound.

Sat behind my hedges and would sound the siren when people would run the stop sign. You could see the drivers swivel their heads around looking for the cruiser and some pulled over.

Except for one blue Jetta.

This guy was a frequent offender in my neighborhood. He would rip through at high speeds with little regard for children playing or riding skateboards or bicycles.

I saw him coming. Recognized his car. Sounded the siren as soon as he hit the intersection at what I estimate to be 45-50mph.

He floored it. Wrong side of the road around some middle school aged kids on skateboards and stayed on the wrong side into a wide sweeping curve.

Decided that my "vigilante" siren scare technique was not worth it and that I was lucky he didn't plow over those skater kids or into a car coming the other way. Put it away.

Sometimes it does not help to out noise the bad neighbors.

Then I saw this in the paper about a week later:
One Arlington teen was killed and four were hospitalized when their car went out of control about 2:30 a.m. Thursday at Fox Hunt Drive and West Sublett Road in southwest Arlington.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner identified the dead teen as Cory Hill, 19, of Arlington. The medical examiner's office said his death was caused by a "blunt force trauma to his head and chest."

Arlington police arrested driver Michael Derek Reynolds, 19, of Grand Prairie, who faces charges of intoxication manslaughter and intoxicated assault with a motor vehicle. He was being held in the Arlington jail. Bond was set at $100,000. Police said they are awaiting results on a blood alcohol test

Witnesses told police that the blue 2002 Volkswagen Jetta was eastbound at a high rate of speed when it hit the median in the 2300 block of West Sublett Road, struck two light poles and flipped over.

Other passengers in the vehicle were identified by police as: Dizhwar Sindy, 18; Steven Vaituulala, 16; and Nabil Bader, 19; all of Arlington. All were transported to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

It happened about 4 blocks away from my house.
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