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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles
01/16/19 07:55 AM
So I put M1 0w40 in a Toyota 1.5. I wanted to test out some microgreen oil filters and see how long I can go with 1 oil change. Thought I'd just go 15k on each filter if everything looks good after a 10k mile sample and leave the oil in for as long as it samples good.
If I can get 25k or so out of it I'll just keep doing the same oci minus uoas for as long as it lives.
A couple friends have pitched a fit because they don't think 0w40 has any business being in this little engine.
Anyway the oil cap calls for 5w30 so I didn't think it would really be a big difference and I wanted to use a robust oil to do the experiment with.
They think a w20 is what it should have in it
Just getting some input on here is all. Thanks
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles
01/16/19 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by Gokhan
Originally Posted by Gokhan
Originally Posted by oghl
Originally Posted by edyvw
And by the way, where is that 15% grade? I lived in CA, so I would like to know.
I think there is a stretch of 6-7% grade at the steepest part of that drive. Nothing close to 15% as far as I can remember. Nothing close to 15% on any of the CA highways that allows 55mph or faster speed.
There are sections of 15% grade (at least one) on I-15 between LA and Las Vegas. The tough one is the one closer to Las Vegas.

OK, you're probably right about 6%. It feels darn steep and most cars can't reach the speed limit though.

Also, the curvy steep grade near LA turns out to be the deadliest road in US.

OK, it's called the Baker Grade. Its steepest section is 8%. It goes for almost 20 miles and feels like it'll never end.
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01/16/19 07:52 AM
Looks good but for name of Supra doesnt go well with mid 300 hp/tq....hummm
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Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
01/16/19 07:51 AM

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Automotive General Topics
01/16/19 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by WhyMe
i am gonna get a new ride for my kid soon. in the past i have done the negotiate with dealer stuff and i hated it. So these days a lot can be done online with buying services. also costco does it also.

So whats as good buying service? those that have used them, do you feel you got a good deal?

If you are talking new or used through a dealer no one gets a good deal. You just have to decide if you think it's a good deal. With Edmund's and every other Internet search tool available it is a lot easier to find out what other people are paying.

The main thing to do is to either have cash in hand or your own financing through your bank or credit union already taken care of. That way you tell the dealer what price you are willing to pay OTD and if they won't meet that price you walk. You don't have to deal with any gimmicks. You negotiate an OTD price and that is it.

Do you know what you want?
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Motorcycles and Motorcycle Lubrication
01/16/19 07:46 AM
That is the old elf aquitane logo … TFE never really marketed much in the US … Total is trying a bit harder …
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01/16/19 07:31 AM
Yet can be salvaged by someone good at making Eggs Benedict
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Engine Oil Filters
01/16/19 07:27 AM
Right … I just changed the first stage fuel filter on my outboard motor … those are only 10 micron factory spec’d for low flow of gasoline …
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01/16/19 07:17 AM
Yeah … I quit Amazon a couple years back … but the last thing I got was a tiny iPhone cord packed in the middle of a large box surrounded by plastic air pillows (you could have dropped the cord from a plane, no packing) …
seems so wasteful … so not “green” …
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Engine Oil Filters
01/16/19 07:14 AM
Originally Posted by advocate
... Anyone else use these yet? ...
Not the same model, but I've been using the much smaller Tough Guard 10358 cartridge. Made in China. The pleat spacing is very uniform, like your 11955---and unlike the Ultra 10358s I've seen in stores. Price at Walmart is 82% of the Ultra price.
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01/16/19 07:05 AM

Isn't that into CDL category ?
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Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
01/16/19 07:04 AM
oil: Xenum XPG 5W-40 (SN, C3, 229.52, dexos2) - PAG and Ester
unit: VW Passat CC 2011 г, РКПП
engine: 2,0 TSI (CCZB), 211 л.с.
total on unit: 226000 km
OCI: 10000 кkm
Oil capcity: 4.6 л
Added: 2 л
TIme on oil: 1,5 month
Time: 03.11.2018 - 15.12.2018
Region: Moscow
Fuel: Lukoil 95
Was before: Mobil1 5-30 ESP Formula

After 2L oil added it's SAE30 (KV=11.3)
TBN = 1.6 it's bottom (blackstone will say - very good, increase interval ) LOL
oxidation say that ester less of 5%
calcium 1441 ppm only - it's not MB 229.51 dexos2 and ACEA C3 ... ACEA C4 RN0720 more likely LOL
Xenum - oil from [censored] and sticks

[Linked Image]

original blank
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01/16/19 06:55 AM
Good l**d! Have enough posts tonight?
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Automotive General Topics
01/16/19 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by wag123
... 20 year old 200k mile VWs are rare and always have been, they tend to be "retired" when they get 140 to 150k miles or so on them because they turn into money pits that are not economically repairable. ...
My brother's Jetta was running well when retired at about (estimated because the odometer didn't work) 340k miles, because seemingly nobody could fix its wretched shift linkage.
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Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
01/16/19 06:45 AM
Although the results aren't bad, after seeing this I'll probably go with a 5w30 for my next OCI on my Outlander.
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01/16/19 06:30 AM
Weird animals...and I am allergic to them.Can pet them ori sit with them for a while but then I ll start sneezing and coughing
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Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
01/16/19 06:17 AM
The OP did what I didn’t do: He took care of the cosmetics of the car as well as the mechanicals.

Easing along down the highway in a rolling dung heap with a purring engine is a mixed pleasure at best.
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01/16/19 06:14 AM
A word of caution to those who value privacy - Never open google drive links in your browser, if your browser is already cookie'd to your gmail account. Doing so will expose your identity to whoever is sharing that file.

Open drive links in Incognito mode (in Chrome) to preserve your identity.
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01/16/19 06:10 AM
I check for the radio transmitter. If Anton Chigurh is not around, then I'm off to live on an island.
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Engine Oil Filters
01/16/19 06:04 AM
I stopped in there earlier for that air filter and looked at oil filters while i was there. In the filter size i looked at the ph2 fram size or mc 820s but the bosch and wix equivalent the bosch had the thread end bypass while the wix was the dome end bypass. Might not be like that for all sizes but i guess I'd pay the extra dollar for the bosch with that bypass. I dont usually buy filters from any parts store but never know. Maybe if they go on sale.
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Tool Time
01/16/19 06:04 AM
I've used all 3 types but good CV axles are now so cheap, it is just easier to replace the whole thing.
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01/16/19 06:00 AM
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01/16/19 05:58 AM
Civic easy....
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01/16/19 05:56 AM
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01/16/19 05:55 AM
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