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L5P Duramax UOA #3
by oakaro68 - 08/19/19 06:42 AM
TPS’s Giving Me Fits
by Gebo - 08/19/19 06:37 AM
Just the one website
by Exhaustgases - 08/19/19 03:55 AM
DTD flash sale 8/19 $100 off select tires
by eljefino - 08/19/19 03:51 AM
Thread Repair Question
by The Critic - 08/19/19 02:48 AM
Genuine Mercedes-Benz 229.5 5W-40 Engine Oil
by The Critic - 08/19/19 02:25 AM
Is it safe to use 100% synthetic
by Espada - 08/19/19 02:16 AM
Cobb Air Filter Cleaning
by The Critic - 08/19/19 01:58 AM
PCV side of the engine is cleaner
by OilUzer - 08/19/19 01:50 AM
Which is Better: Old or New Castrol Edge 0W-40?
by nielkfj - 08/19/19 01:18 AM
Discount Tire Warranty
by Maddog1337 - 08/19/19 12:26 AM
Mobil One Super Synthetic Euro 5W-40
by hellokitty - 08/18/19 11:26 PM
Help Me Search
by Gebo - 08/18/19 09:29 PM
2018 Camry Transmission Drain & Refill Procedure
by painfx - 08/18/19 09:11 PM
.325 pitch vs .375 pitch saw chain
by The_Eric - 08/18/19 09:04 PM
House buying opinions on houses.
by ram_man - 08/18/19 08:50 PM
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Re: Anyone live in/familiar with the Idaho Panhandle? (sightseeing ideas wanted) zzyzzx 08/19/19 11:50 AM
Is TripAdvisor broken?
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Engine Oil Filters Jump to new posts
Re: Filter recommendations please. Eddie 08/19/19 11:49 AM
I use OEM for the first few oil changes while the engine is breaking-in to see if any warranty issues happen. Then a Fram model ?? depending on how long an OCI you will be running. Ed
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Is it safe to use 100% synthetic Kira 08/19/19 11:49 AM
This is a taxi?
I don't know if your engine is "sludge prone" but the heat you describe does sound like it deserves synthetic.

Ask others how long they they keep their air filters in service. 7,000 km sounds too short a time.
Is your filter housing a plastic box? If so, these boxes actually provide a velocity drop which lets much of the dirt precipitate out.
The air enters the bottom through a hole. Then the part of the box beneath the filter panel is so large the air's velocity drops. This causes big dirt particles to fall away.
How much fine dirt the filter finally traps is THE QUESTION.

You need a friend to bring oil when they come visit. Hard to believe the 20W-50 is your only option. Are other selections in consumer goods similarly limited?

And you're in a city.
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European and Import Motor Oils Jump to new posts
Re: Genuine Mercedes-Benz 229.5 5W-40 Engine Oil atikovi 08/19/19 11:48 AM
The bottle looks cool.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: The Color of Oil Tells Nothing zeng 08/19/19 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by OilUzer
Originally Posted by zeng

Besides, all 3 oil samples demonstrate good and more than adequate detergency/dispersancy capabilities and are fit for continuing service, inc 38k and 6k samples.

Fuel dilution problem (if any,) seems to be absent in all 3 samples. Just my 2cents

Edit: Also absence of coolant issue.

I'm going to post picture of my used oil and have you analyze it.
I like your confidence! grin2

You're welcome to share blotter spot pictures with a view of guesstimating as to an used oil residual condition..
Blotters of 10k and below in typical Asian engines are generally boring , IMO.
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Computers Jump to new posts
Re: Just the one website atikovi 08/19/19 11:46 AM
Pretty useless to post asking suggestions about issues with a website without naming said website. Kinda like asking what oil you should use without naming what car you have.
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: House buying opinions on houses. aquariuscsm 08/19/19 11:44 AM
I'd go for the St Clair house.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Is problem with camphasers an oil issue or a bad design... Danno 08/19/19 11:43 AM
No more than 5000 mile oci if it was my car, maybe less.
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Used Oil Analysis - Diesel Jump to new posts
L5P Duramax UOA #3 oakaro68 08/19/19 11:42 AM
Hey everyone,

This is my 3rd sample for this truck from Blackstone labs. 39,451mi on truck and 5,275mi on Shell Rotella T4 15w40. UOA came back really nice, although my Regen cycles increased in frequency using this particular oil. That I did not care for. I switched to T6 5w40 and have already noticed more distance between Regens along with a more stable/consistent/predictable soot reading when all things stayed pretty consistent (fuel refill station, driving habits, temperature, etc).
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Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Used cars imported from Canada to USA on the rise? Snagglefoot 08/19/19 11:40 AM
The warranties on GM are honoured on both sides of the border. I had warranty work done in Canada on a truck I bought in the USA. Used cars flow across the border easily. New cars, not as much as the dealers are told by GM to not sell for export, at least along the northern states.
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
TPS’s Giving Me Fits Gebo 08/19/19 11:37 AM
On my 2007 GX470 I keep getting the dash light telling me my TPS system is wacky. I check the air pressure (including the spare) and find my pressures are ok. I unhook my battery to erase the codes. A few days later here comes the TPS light on again. I replace them all a year ago. There is something I must be missing. Any suggestions
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ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S Jump to new posts
Re: BMW ATF Lifetime Fluid Kestas 08/19/19 11:37 AM
Are you addressing fluid used for the ZF 6-speed or 8-speed transmision?

I've been reading about fluids used for ZF transmissions. There's a lot written about using Maxlife on 6-speeds, but nobody has a low cost alternative for the ZF8 transmission.
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European and Import Motor Oils Jump to new posts
Re: MK7.5 GTi- Oil and Injector cleaner TiGeo 08/19/19 11:36 AM
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Detail and Wax Jump to new posts
Who are the major players in the detailing world? buster 08/19/19 11:35 AM
The detailing arena is filled with so many products it is hard to keep up with. In the oil world you have several large base oil and additive suppliers. What companies are the producers in detailing products? Does a company like Meguiars or Mother’s have their own in-house chemists? Do they operate like Amsoil and buy from different suppliers?
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Photo Section Jump to new posts
Re: ***Official Member Picture Thread*** Shannow 08/19/19 11:29 AM
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: Is it worth using a dehumidifier to help cool house? Kestas 08/19/19 11:28 AM
A dehumidifier will never cool a house. It will always add heat. But it will make it more comfortable by reducing humidity.
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Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel Jump to new posts
Re: Going Back to Real Gasoline? SeaJay 08/19/19 11:26 AM
E0 is not an option for some of us because of laws in some states that mandate E10. E0 is not allowed to be sold in those states.
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Detail and Wax Jump to new posts
Re: Interior Glass Cleaner purelux 08/19/19 11:26 AM
I normally used stoners cleaner but have griots now, don't see much difference. Though I will say expect to clean glass twice minimum if you really want it clear. There's most always a little residue left that likes to catch light or fog faster more so if smoking or you've detailed and there's gasses, oils etc in the air. I have used ones that "cling" and those really like to take forever to get all the product/contaminates off.
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European and Import Motor Oils Jump to new posts
Re: Which is Better: Old or New Castrol Edge 0W-40? Snagglefoot 08/19/19 11:22 AM
No brainer if the price is right. smile
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Tires & Wheels Jump to new posts
Re: Discount Tire Warranty joekingcorvette 08/19/19 11:22 AM
I doubt you would get much for the undamaged tire. Are the fronts a different brand? I always run the same brand on the front and rear.
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Detail and Wax Jump to new posts
Re: Collinite products purelux 08/19/19 11:21 AM
I hadn't tried paste from them but the 845 I believe could be one the easiest removal products I've used. Granted I usually had applied it just before winter and use cleaner in the summer before application.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Pennzoil Ultra Platinum worth a slight premium over the Pennzoil Platinum Mad_Hatter 08/19/19 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by Railrust
As a rule of thumb when considering a more expensive "better" oil I always consider the trade off of oil change interval (OCI). If you're going to pay more for an oil...get a better should be considering going longer on the interval. And that has to be the deal maker/breaker. And that for me is why I almost have never done it (bought the Amsoil, the Ultra, the Redline, etc), because I just don't like the trade off. I don't feel comfortable about longer drain intervals to justify it - I have experimented with it in the past - right or wrong I blame some of the wear I experienced on my engine because of it (and maybe it would have happened anyway, I don't know?), but I just stay away from it now.

And I do realize that some people are just going to want the "best oil" for their engine regardless of anything else...and for those people I say, go for it. If it makes you feel good, then do it. However with my philosophy if I'm doing 5,000-6,000 mile intervals, any brand name Synthetic on sale at Walmart will do (and Rotella Gas Truck is on sale right now, with a that's what I've been running).

Well said.👍
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: Taking the leap to self-employment.....Eventually wag123 08/19/19 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by clinebarger
Originally Posted by wag123
What are you doing for HVAC? How about office space?

I've never worked in a climate controlled shop, I will have a NG heater for the cold spells & fans for when it's hot.

I don't do "light" work & never have, Waiting customers are nothing but problems.....By appointment/drop-off only. I have several accounts already that will keep me at 90%, The other 10% will easily be filled with referrals & custom transmission builds.

Tire rotations & oil changes with a free multi point inspection is not the clientele I'm catering to. Advanced diagnostics, Major Engine, Transmission,Transfer Case, Differential repair, & AC repair are my specialties. I'm not going to compete with general repair garages that take 2 months to swap an engine or 2 weeks to find a short in the electrical system because they do 100 oil changes & 50 brake jobs a week.

But to answer your question.....I do have a desk in the shop & a office at home. And will build office space later if needed.

I don't see a door to the outside (other than the overhead doors).
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
Re: 2010 Accord P1009 Code Phishin 08/19/19 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by clinebarger
How is the oil condition & level?

It's great. No problem there. There's only 4200 miles on this oil and filter.

Originally Posted by The Critic
If I recall correctly, you like to run a lot of additives in your engine. As the others have mentioned, clean the screen and also change the oil to the correct type...and no additives.

Only soluble Moly that comes from Lubegard BioTech or Torco MPZ additive. Nothing colloidal. But yes, I'll look at the screen. But from all the videos on YouTube....when they pull the screen, it's always nice and clean and they are all "surprised". I'm guessing maybe the VTC Solenoid needs replaced. But I'll start with the screen.
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Detail and Wax Jump to new posts
Re: Infinity Wax Rubber Wax purelux 08/19/19 11:12 AM
Sounds good I'll have to try some. Though It depends what your using the 303 on porous highly polished etc.. how long it will last.
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