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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
Re: What's going on? maxdustington 12/13/19 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by Linctex
Originally Posted by demarpaint
The word of someone who does good work spreads fast. That is exactly what is happening to you! My suggestion is start looking for a good tech to work for you, even if it is just for part time work. From the sound of it you're going to need help. Turning work away, work that you would normally do because you're too busy so something people don't forget either. Long wait times is a turn off to customers too unfortunately.

^^ This ^^

A friend of mine is a guitar player, he plays with many Texas country bands, does studio work, and is a regular for bands playing at Billy Bob's.

He tells folks "I'm busy this weekend - - but PLEASE don't stop trying... That one night I had a gig cancel is the night I'll need your call"
At any rate, he stays booked up and is VERY good at what he does.

Originally Posted by joegreen
Is it easy to pull the cab on a Ford?

I know folks that can do it in less than 2 hours.

Chris, try to hire a young, eager guy who wants to learn - but is careful - and doesn't break stuff.
People will wait if you are worth the wait. If you are a specialist who has a good rep, there is going to be a line for your services.

Young guys with all of those attributes don't really exist. If they are willing to show up on time, learn and buy tools that's good enough for me. Young workers need to be developed, they are cheaper for a reason. There's not as many younglings looking for trades careers when digital careers pay MUCH better, and are less dirty and dangerous. Old dudes don't realize this an act like it's 1985 and there is a line of kids at the door.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Trying to decide on an oil for new Subaru Forester cmlind 12/13/19 03:17 PM
Honestly any SN Dexos1 gen 2 0w20 will be more than enough in your engine. Even Supertech which is a good oil.

My advice is to find the one that makes you feel good based on price and bottle color.

I have done some research and Pennzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline, Supertech(Warren) in that order seem to have some of the lowest Noacc which is important for direct injection engines. All have very similar add packs. I am using Valvoline now, but might use Quaker State next since I can readily get it cheap at Menards and also have no problem using a Warren Dist product - Supertech, Pronto, Amazon(wouldn't ever buy Amazon though).

I am using mostly Wix filters since I have a good source for them with a work discount.
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Engine Oil Filters Jump to new posts
Re: Another motorcraft failure paoester 12/13/19 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by ZeeOSix
They're probably being "bribed" (in sense) by Purolator agreeing to give Ford a low bidder contract. That's typically why a company goes with certain vendors. Low bids are more prevelant with large volume contracts, another example is Walmart.
That is probably the likely scenario. It merely "makes you think" they are being bribed, as I said. The threshold of pain at Ford isn't high enough to make them change vendors.

I looked at the TSB Ford issued a few years ago about pieces of oil filter causing warranty issues some engines, and they might have a point it wasn't all Motorcraft filters causing the problem, to be fair.

They told dealerships to deny warranties if a non-MC oil filter was found & pieces clogged the valve controls etc.
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Automotive Electrical Jump to new posts
Re: D25 Xenon HID Replacement JeffKeryk 12/13/19 03:16 PM
After another day and some requisite night use, I am very happy with the results as the lights are nice and bright. 100% satisfied.
They replaced 13 year old, 194K mile original bulbs; Oshram I think.
I bought "Philips 85122CVS2 D2S CrystalVision ultra Authentic Xenon HID Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack" from Amazon Prime.
The price is $145; I bought a returned set for $78 I believe because I'm cheap. The original package was unopened.

Again thanks to those who posted anf 4WD for his reommendation.
All good.
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Automotive General Topics Jump to new posts
Re: Outsmarting RA’s Shipping Lunacy Leo99 12/13/19 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by MasterSolenoid
I think The_Nuke (OP) would be good at a game like this:
[Linked Image]

I used to play that game for hours and hours when I was a kid. Explains a lot about me.
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Tires & Wheels Jump to new posts
Re: reference for tires wearing faster when new? jjjxlr8 12/13/19 03:15 PM
I was thinking more about ambient temperature which affects compound abradability, stiffness, and the coefficient of friction.

Tire treadwear is extremely complicated and is affected by so many factors. But to the OPs question, the wear rate varies significantly when the tires are new for a variety of reasons. The wear rate starts much higher, then levels off.
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Re: fedex lost package . how does it work? Leo99 12/13/19 03:13 PM
Maybe it will show up today.
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ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S Jump to new posts
Re: My Forester CVT blew up Jimzz 12/13/19 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by bbhero
Originally Posted by Jimzz
Originally Posted by supton
Originally Posted by Jimzz
Unless the fluid was low then it was not a fluid issue, just bad luck and/or over used CVT.

How do you overuse a CVT? Constant on/of throttle application, so that it runs up/down constantly?

Changing speeds dramatically a lot and/or carrying a lot of weight.

CVTs seem fine if you are a regular right lane driver that goes from A to B. But heavy loads and/or aggressive driving puts more wear on them. I am sure AWD systems add even more stress to them as well.
So I am watching to see how they hold up in subarus. Right now long life is not looking good. Not Nissan bad but I don't see as many hitting 200k with little to no issues.

Interesting... I drive my Nissan Altima VQ CVT hard quite a good amount actually.... With now 290,500 miles... Though I agree with you about the AWD may not be helpful to a CVT.

Yea the V6 Nissan don;t have as many issues with the CVTs as the 4cyls do. Not sure if its all in a more beefy CVT in the V6s and/or the V6s don'r rev/move around as much as the 4cyls.
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Grease Jump to new posts
Re: Grease compatibility chart and info 97K15004WD 12/13/19 03:09 PM
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Automotive General Topics Jump to new posts
Re: "Porsche Taycan’s Terrible EPA Electric Range Makes It the Least Efficient EV" JeffKeryk 12/13/19 03:06 PM
The original Taycan range was projected to be over 300 miles; it was downgraded prior to release.
Porsche used the European standard which is more lenient; the 200 mile range is based on the EPA standard which is what Tesla range is based on.

The Taycan is being compared to the Model S because there are few high end EVs.
They are different cars that appeal to different buyers.
There are buyers who cancelled earlier deposits due to the disappointing results.
One might guess the beautiful Porsche Taycan will not see regular driving and not a great number of miles.
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Re: Odd Ball!?? opus1 12/13/19 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by supton
[quote=blupupher]Also, whats up with the 1900 address. Never seen a "00" number on a residential address. Those are usually for businesses.

Depends on the city and numbering system. I have several "xx00" addresses in my subdivision and there are no businesses once you're off the main road.
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Industrial- Other/Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: Is it bad to move a hydraulic attachment back and forth quickly? JLawrence08648 12/13/19 03:03 PM
Nothing will happen to the hydraulic system as they are not using full pressure and even then there are pressure release valves. It is in your example putting excess wear on the holes for the pins and the bushings throughout the machine.
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European and Import Motor Oils Jump to new posts
Re: 2019 CX5 turbo Virtus_Probi 12/13/19 03:02 PM
Very interesting to me that several sources show the CX-5's 2.5l turbo to be 227 HP max on regular, but 250 HP on premium.
I was a little surprised when the Ascent came out and only 260 HP was claimed for its new 2.4l DIT...the 2.0l DIT in my FXT is supposed to be 250 HP, so I was expecting more like 300 HP for the newer engine.
A key difference between these two Subaru engines is that a minimum of 91 octane is recommended for mine while the 2.4l is advertised as being fine with 87 octane.
People squawked a lot about "having" to use premium for the FXT and WRX and Subaru clearly listened...they do say that the 2.0l will run safely on 87, but that substandard performance and light knocking is likely.
I didn't care too much about running premium when I bought my car, but now that the common price delta from regular to premium is more like 60 cents rather than the 20 or so cents that was common not so long ago it does irk me at times (I still buy premium).

My wife now has the 260 HP 2.4l DIT in her Legacy XT and I am curious about what its output might be on premium. She is a pretty sedate driver and doesn't care about the extra power per se...she really liked how quiet her turbo model was, though, it tends to raise boost rather than raising RPM on a throttle increase less than going WOT and it felt very refined compared to the 2.5l NA versions. I showed her how to stab at the downshift paddle in auto mode to get an RPM boost and she thought that was crazy loud! ;^)
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: Question on Job Interview Etiquette opus1 12/13/19 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Virtus_Probi

I'd guess they are thinking that you might possibly take their "low" offer and just keep looking and then leave when you found something more lucrative.
Use them as a "bridge", so to speak, and then leave them with the need to go through the hiring process again in a short time.
Not insinuating that this is what you would do, but just how I read their thought process.

Possibly, or the decision-maker could have been of the mindset that a person *has* to want to constantly move up and couldn't process that the OP would have legitimately been interested despite the pay cut. Sometimes there are non-financial considerations that make up for a pay cut.

At my current employer I applied for an internal posting which was a level down, but my salary was still within the pay-scale so I wouldn't have to take a pay cut if I was to take the position. I think the HR-screener's head was about to explode because she couldn't fathom why I would be willing to take a job in the next lower pay-grade. During the screening interview she asked me 3 times if I know that the position I was currently in was level "x" and the position I posted for was "x-1" and she was still puzzled after I'd asked if my salary fit in the pay-scale and she confirmed that it was and that I wouldn't have to take a pay cut.

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Engine Oil Bypass Filters Jump to new posts
Re: Oil Bypass filtration, can oil starvation happen,someone explain please Cujet 12/13/19 02:58 PM
While I don't know what caused that F150's engine to fail, I strongly suspect the bypass filter setup did restrict the oil flow just enough to cause problems.

The Ford Modular engines of this vintage already don't have sufficient oil flow to the heads. This is due to a poor oil pump design, with a stamped sheet metal backplate that allows some oil to escape. The owner mentioned that the crankshaft had too much end play and this may have been a contributing factor. Maybe.... But it's good to know that end play is not known to "relieve" oil pressure.

In my case, I simply use 10W-30 M1. It's a little more viscous and it's use is known to prevent problems. 140,000 miles without issue, whereas many 2009 5.4L's fail around 100K.

Again, it's not unusual for "healthy" 2008-2010 Ford 4.6 and 5.4 3 valve engines to, at times, have near zero oil pressure in the heads. The left head sometimes fails first.

I do use a bypass filter on my Lister Diesel engine. But that engine does not have any pressurized bearings. They are all splash lube. The oil pump simply squirts oil on the roller bearings.

I'm 100% sure a well designed submicron bypass filter can help extend engine life. HOWEVER, frequent oil changes do exactly the same thing AND MORE. Namely removal of combustion by products, particulates and the evaporated remains of fuel that bypasses the piston rings.
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Re: Nice story Beautiful car Trav 12/13/19 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by Cujet
She and her car have been in the media before. Pretty neat, that's for sure. It also goes to show that a properly chosen car can be kept operational for a very long time, as long as it's not totaled or rusted out.

I've had no trouble keeping vehicles to nearly 300,000 miles with good maintenance. But at some point, I'm so tired of them, I actually willing to give them away. I like the feel and performance of a newer vehicle.

Same here but there are a few cars I will never sell. The Saab Viggen and the old 66 Beetle. I wish I could have brought my Citroen's to the US but there was no real way to do it, no DOT parts for the SM or the CX and service parts would be a nightmare.
Newer cars are just appliances for me, I don't like them for the most part and have no real interest in them, I just repair them.
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Detail and Wax Jump to new posts
Re: Meguiar's M305 sohccammer427 12/13/19 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by Imp4
What are the recommendations from your paint shop?
I'd follow that advice before the value prop on the back of a car care product any day...


I get what you are saying, but it depends on the product. Meguiar's in not a fly by night company. They've been around since 1901 and are well know for their innovation in the field of surface protection. If professional paint shops use it, I'll take the risk. I certainly don't believe it will destroy a paint job.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: 5w50 in the stash paoester 12/13/19 02:50 PM
Christmas gift to a friend who has a Mustang, Corvette, Focus RS, maybe older BMW, Mercedes, VW, anything that is spec'ed for the thicker stuff.
Big box and a big oily bow.
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Humor Jump to new posts
Re: 2020 YUGO ARCOgraphite 12/13/19 02:50 PM
Race Yugo. None of your cars, nothing you own would keep up with this lil' monster.. None.

I had mine at close to 95 HP. with mods. NO fender flares or superwide tyres,
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Producers of Supertech Oils and Fluids 97K15004WD 12/13/19 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by kschachn
What was the specific issue at the time where they tried to deny a warranty claim due to the oil?

I had taken in a vehicle for the lifetime powertrain warranty five year inspection as is required every five years. They attempted to invalidate the lifetime powertrain warranty because the tech said the oil was "dirty" and looked old, and the transmission fluid looked "dirty" and hadn't been changed. I had to produce the oil change records and what's even more ridiculous was the transmission claim. I had the fluid changed by the dealer (and the same tech did it) well within the required timeline - they just "overlooked" the record in their printout. I had to show it to them on their record (I also have all the paperwork for all work done on the vehicle so I showed them their invoice).

It was a long process. Took over three weeks to finally get it all straightened out and it required an appointment with the service manager to finally get the powertain warranty paperwork fixed. Really wasted a lot of my time and I have to say I was very frustrated with the dealership.

I wonder how many people just give up instead of going through all this hassle?

Anyway, that's why I'm looking for the spec sheet so I have my bases covered when I go back.
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Grease Jump to new posts
Re: What grease do you use for your travel trailer axles? 3500# EZ Lube Dexter's dnewton3 12/13/19 02:47 PM
I am by no means an expert, and would welcome comments from someone like Molakule, but here's what I do know ...

There are soap bases and other chemicals in greases that essentially give the grease it's viscous form and performance effects. Some of these are not compatible with others, and can cause separation of the base ending up in a degradation of the grease to the point where it can loose it's desired properties. I cannot comment past that, because I'm not a chemist.

So if one intends to take the wheel bearing completely apart, wash it all out, and install a new grease, then I'd say you can choose any grease you want. But if you intend to just "top off" the grease with a grease gun, then I'd recommend finding out what's in the bearing now, and only using a compatible lube. (Not needing to be the same brand, but the same soap base).

Where low-load and low-rpm applications exist, the grease differences may not matter (hinge pins, low frequency sliding contact, etc). But in high-load, high rpm (wheel bearings) applications, it could make a big difference; you could end up having a combination of greases that essentially break down and allows bearing failure at an inopportune time while traveling.

If you want to stick with OEM, then you'll have to call and ask what specific lube is being used, and then research it's base and soap properties.

Compatibility chart:

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Re: Educate me on USB drives, devices ARCOgraphite 12/13/19 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by 53' Stude
Good evening again folks. Can some of you great folks here educate me on USB drives and devices and what they are capable of and what they do? I googled them and am not computer illiterate.

Thank You all smile

'53 What are you planning on doing with USB devices?

Backup? Get a USB 2 min for that task if the computer /LT has a 2.0 port.

Then you can just drag and drop folders of use a backup utility.

I like to drag and drop for backup of passwords and logins and photos and legal docs. At least 1x per year.

But I don't have a business. With that I do a cloud backup which should be free with your Internet Security Package.

Stupid name "Cloud" is just likely a barracuda HDD stack somewhere inside some closet in some grimy building .

No Clouds or Creator involved.
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Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Car Shopping During Christmas - Due to Accident gofast182 12/13/19 02:34 PM
It's pretty widely accepted that Honda has the best CVT going right now. They perform pretty well for what they are and don't have any known reliability issues.
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Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions Jump to new posts
Re: Shell Rotella Gas Truck Rebate classic70 12/13/19 02:26 PM
Been 4 weeks and I have nothing show up on the tracker yet.
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
Re: 2019 Toyota Highlander LOTS of metal flakes Toyt1219 12/13/19 02:23 PM
Drained the FF on our 2019 Highlander v6 at 5600 miles. Noticed very little debris but there was some. I refilled with Rotella Gas Truck and it seems quieter than FF.

That looks closer to the FF on my 2012 Camry. 120k miles later and no issues.

I would think if there is something wrong in the motor letting that much metal shred it will grenade before the warranty is up.

Highway fuel economy on the Highlander is not the best unless you drive slow.

Not a fan of the 2grfks and 8 speed combo. Like the 2grfe and 5 speed combo much better.
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