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by supton - 02/29/20 06:12 AM
10yrs/62k Miles - Unknown Filter
by RamFan - 02/29/20 06:02 AM
Mobil box?
by Black_Thunder - 02/29/20 04:15 AM
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Empty house without kid or cat
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Pennzoil Platinum Euro L 5W-30 VOA
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2008 Can Am Rotax 650 on my ATV
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by dareo - 02/28/20 08:56 PM
How do I bend this fence?
by Chris142 - 02/28/20 07:52 PM
Mercon LV in the transfer case?
by buck91 - 02/28/20 07:41 PM
Wix vanilla filters?
by NavyVet88 - 02/28/20 07:33 PM
What gas do pre-1974 LEADED gas cars run?
by wowthisexists - 02/28/20 05:50 PM
Does anyone do this?.,,
by BigCahuna - 02/28/20 05:49 PM
RMD-- Is this the time to take it?
by csandste - 02/28/20 03:29 PM
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Tires & Wheels Jump to new posts
Do lower speed rated tires... Char Baby 02/29/20 12:44 PM
...necessarily ride better than their own higher speed rated brethren?

Since I just bought 4 Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S+, I'll use them as the reference.
Or my current Michelin Primacy MXV4 in "T" "H" or "V" speed ratings but, not in all sizes.

The reason that I ask is because, I have had/have e.g., "V" speed rated tires that are actually the best riding/quietest tires I've ever owned. And also currently have "T" speed rated tires(not bad riding) that really handle and hold the road quiet well compared to a "V".

I do understand that speed rating isn't only about handling/cornering or high speeds. But, about other factors as well(IDK all of the factors at play).

However, said Michelin Primacy MXV4 are among the(not worst) but, least good handling tire I've owned also.

Any Comments?
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Which engine for your F150? Ford dealership employees decide... supton 02/29/20 12:37 PM
I wasn't interested when they came out, still not sure. But I really don't want to DD a truck so a slightly lesser truck is fine by me--but a turbo is probably durable enough.

And I did have a turbo vehicle, loved it, but when the turbo did die, it was cheap and nerve wracking (since it wasn't unheard of for shrapnel to take out the motor). That turbo got regular oil changes with proper spec yet broke at only 255k. Ergo, I don't think I want it in a daily driver--well, I do, it'd be lots of fun smile but it has its drawbacks.
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Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Alternative to Unaffordable New SUV? atikovi 02/29/20 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by dishdude
Originally Posted by atikovi
Originally Posted by Nick1994
Oh yes, my mighty beautiful Camry. Went out to take this picture for you of this stallion. Noticed the trunk had rainwater in it while I was out there and drilled a hole in it to drain.

[Linked Image]

You must pick up a lot of chicks in that thing. And I assume no state inspection where you're from.

I tried to buy that Camry a few years ago and he wouldn't sell it! LOL I would totally rock that around town. The divorce would be pricey, but hey...

Shoulda offered $150 instead of $100 ya cheap [censored].
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Have we reached the ceiling in improvents to PCMO? ka9mnx 02/29/20 12:33 PM
I think we have gone off track here...
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Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions Jump to new posts
Re: Techron BOGO at O'Reilly Mad_Hatter 02/29/20 12:30 PM
So it's not just at O'Reilly's...BOGO on various sizes from Amazon and other retailers but as is usual, no love for Wally's.

There's also a $5 cash back on 5qt jugs of Supreme, if you can find it.

[Linked Image]
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Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions Jump to new posts
Re: Napa Gold Sale Sayjac 02/29/20 12:22 PM
Haven't seen the sign out for local Napa 40% off NG sale...yet. If pattern follows should be some time mid to late March. Makes the spin on ~$3.75-$4 depending on application. I prefer the construction type of the NG/(Wix) to it's equivalent competitor. Just me.
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: RMD-- Is this the time to take it? supton 02/29/20 12:20 PM
I wonder if you'd get better responses over on bogleheads forum? At least over there they're dedicated to money matters.

I'm decades from worrying about RMD's so I don't know how they "work". But could you just take the money out, leave in a bank account for now, wait until the economy bottoms out, then just invest in an index fund? Or invest however you see fit today? I mean, you only have to take it out, you don't actually have to spend it, right? Any growth becomes taxable etc, but you don't have to set it on fire either.
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: School me on Radon... supton 02/29/20 12:16 PM
I'd do some reading. I'm a bit dubious about the affair at the moment: I mean, you go to buy a house, they do a radon test, it reads high because it was raining. Suddenly the seller has to put in a radon mitigation system. But oh wait, if you install now, it's 10% off and only a grand (or whatever) to put in. Ok nothing smells wrong here. [That's what the seller of my current house went through.]

I spent a little time reading on it, and haven't gotten around to looping back on the subject (moving is stressful by itself). IIRC more than a few resources were doubtful about the short term test that is typically used, and a few mentioned that the reading is impacted by the weather. What was best was a month long test.

YMMV. The seller had mine put in and that's that. Maybe this summer I'll get around to retesting.
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Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions Jump to new posts
Re: Shell Rotella Gas Truck Rebate Sayjac 02/29/20 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by UnderDawgAl
UPDATE ON 2020 RGT AUTOZONE REBATE DEBACLE -- I decided tonight to check the status of my denied 2020 rebate. It now shows as "Processed" in the amount of $38. Maybe common sense or a fit of ethical conscience prevailed!

Rehash up to this point:
Bought clearance RGT from AZ on 1/6/20. $40 worth.
Filed rebate same day. AZ was listed on the website as a valid retailer.
Showed "invalid" or some such a couple weeks later.
Early Feb, got postcard in mail citing that I had bought from an ineligible retailer.

Of course, I should get all 40 bucks, but I had written it off. I'll take the $38 if they send it.
Now that's an interesting anecdote. Wonder how they arrived at $38. So I take it you did not follow up on the phone with a rep, fulfillment just decided to change and issue a check. Weird. Still wouldn't count the chickens until check received. $38 is much better than 0.
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Taco zone valve supton 02/29/20 12:12 PM
99% sure that this is a "go to Home Depot and buy a valve and swap" but wanted to verify:

4 zones on my boiler for home heating. One zone quit. With thermostat turned down, zero volts on terminals 1&2. Turn thermostat up to call for heat, have 22V on 1&2. Wait 2 minutes, nothing. I measure 26V across terminals 2&3. The manual lever is very stiff and after 2 minutes, will not easily go to the open spot.

I twisted the head off. Here's where I go off the rails: terminals 2&3 go to zero volts and the heat kicks on. I took a pair of pliers and pushed down on the valve, and got hot water to circulate through. Twist the head on and the furnace kicks out.

I haven't come across this in the various links I've hit up so I'm confused. I think it just means the zone head is bad and that is just three wires (kill power and swap) but I'm not sure why the switch wouldn't work installed. I think it means that whatever wax pellet it has inside is not melting with enough force to push the valve, but with enough to close the switch when it's removed.
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Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions Jump to new posts
Re: Shell Pennzoil $22 gift card rebate 2/2/20 to 3/23/20 GMguy84 02/29/20 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by 69GTX
Originally Posted by GMguy84
Mine says "Cannot locate"

Awwww nuts


You can also just call the rebate center phone number (1-866-707-6737). You'll get an answer within 5 minutes in most cases. If they can't verify it's there.....then resubmit.
Normally they tell you to wait 8 weeks for your rebate. If it doesn't show up then contact them. In this case the rebate promotion period is only about 6 weeks long. So in any case
contact them before March 10th if it doesn't show up as processed. From those who have posted already, it looks like it takes about 2-3 weeks to process an on-line submission.

Feb 11 I submitted

I called on Tuesday and they told me need to 6-8 weeks blah blah

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Engine Oil Filters Jump to new posts
10yrs/62k Miles - Unknown Filter RamFan 02/29/20 12:02 PM
Found on Reddit, hoping that they kept the filter and will cut her open. Story goes that it’s from a ‘99 F150, old man changes the oil every 10 years or 100,000km.

[Linked Image]
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Cooling System Fluids & Additives Jump to new posts
Re: Mopar coolant alternative? Snagglefoot 02/29/20 11:58 AM
The Recochem OEM website come back with their Orange which is the same one as for GM, (Dexcool).
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: How do I bend this fence? Shannow 02/29/20 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by maxdustington
Stepped fences can look really stupid sometimes, anymore than a few panels.

then you need to define the gte as a fixed point/featuer, and work out what you need to do either side...your eye will be drawwn to the gate, as that's the point of egress.
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Engine Oil Filters Jump to new posts
Re: Old news for Hyundai/Kia? Sayjac 02/29/20 11:53 AM
Linked is a post use anecdote of the Premium Guard for Hy/Kia. So it would appear this what PG now supplies as referenced in the TSB. Dates back to 2017, so as noted not new.
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: 401 K took a beating! Amkeer 02/29/20 11:50 AM
I have studied technical analysis for a little more than 20 years and have a basic understanding of market movement. I would agree its extremely hard to time tops and bottoms but it can be done with a very experienced trader. It takes lots of work and study to understand and most won't take the time.

The buy and hold camp works for those that can afford to do it and are not ready to retire. If you are nearing retirement my suggestion is to look at a decent investment that will shield from a market correction. We moved our funds to safer choices expecting a correction. I also have some that I move in and out based on what I see. Best of luck.
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
Re: 1994 Buick Century 63K miles Lubener 02/29/20 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by atikovi
Engine mounts.

If they are bad...
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Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: trouble?? dlundblad 02/29/20 11:46 AM
They need to make cars again.

The Taurus was an awesome car and their mustang is butt ugly aside from the 80k thing with the voodoo V8.
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Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Jump to new posts
Re: Timken Rear Wheel Bearing - Any Good? dlundblad 02/29/20 11:34 AM
I’ve also heard bad things about Chicom Timken products. Much like Moog, they were once a good name. Not so much now.

I bought a Timken bearing for either my truck or her car that was US made though. No complaints.

Nowadays, SKF would be my go to.
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Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel Jump to new posts
Re: What gas do pre-1974 LEADED gas cars run? kschachn 02/29/20 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by wowthisexists
Can't get leaded gas no more
so what do LEADED cars use for gas?

So what vehicle do you have exactly and what is the year it was built?
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General and Off Topic Jump to new posts
Re: Seasoned Air Travelers - Best Luggage? dlundblad 02/29/20 11:31 AM
My parents have always just used middle of the road luggage with yearly/ bi yearly flying. I can’t think of an actual failure aside from the plastics deteriorating from age.

One thing I like is a buckle strap around the bag. Not only does it help with identification, but it also keeps the load and beatings off the zipper during handling. Mom bought us bright orange straps for Christmas and they helped a lot.
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Tires & Wheels Jump to new posts
Re: Pirelli Cinturato P7 Allseason PLUS "II" Char Baby 02/29/20 11:29 AM
We've never had just the Cinturato P7 A/S, only the P7 A/S PLUS. And they were great in all regards for us, even in wet, where the P7 get their most criticism. But, we drive quite normal with all traffic situations and never really pushed the tires to their limits. However, we have come across emergency situations in the wet/rain where we had to swerve & comeback(to avoid another vehicle or a deer) and the tires made those maneuvers with confidence.

So, even though I wasn't looking to buy the A/S PLUS again(due to regular pricing even w/rebate), I couldn't pass up the closeout price. And with free shipping(ordered on WED/received on THUR), it was a no brainer. Mfg date for all 4 tires is 1819...last week of APR 2019(Apr 28-May 4).

So, I am also happy that all 4 tires were pulled from the same pile.
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Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Vehicles Jump to new posts
Re: Mobil box? Mad_Hatter 02/29/20 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by PimTac
I wonder how they decided to make them that size? The Chevron Havoline boxes are six quarts and are easy to handle and pour. This size is too much for one oil drain plus the user would need to find another container for the used oil to recycle.

Like the ST box, this 12qts is gonna be a little hefty to get up on a shelf but doable. Once it's there it's just a matter of dispensing the right amounts. The ProDS 6qt box is like the perfect size and a great price sans rebates... but if you have multiple cars you change the oil on, 12qts, whether it's ST's or M1, is a deal I guess.

Question I have is, does this mean fewer M1 rebates?
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ATF, Differential, Trans, Brakes, P/S Jump to new posts
Re: Mercon LV in the transfer case? hatt 02/29/20 11:20 AM
I recently changed my 2013 again. Dex/Merc has been keeping those part time cases happy for 40 years so I'm staying the course despite Ford's more recent recommendations. I though Ford got rid of the part time transfer cases in more recent years?
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Tool Time Jump to new posts
Re: Icon Impact Sockets Nmr1981 02/29/20 11:18 AM
I have a cheap set of impacts from tractor supply and am very happy with them. The only reason I would consider paying more for a set is for a thinner wall. For example the 19mm socket is a thick beast of a think and doesn’t fit into my wheels so I ran out and got a 3/4 inch of a different brand and it was much thinner.
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