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by apollo18 - 06/02/20 04:59 PM
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Scam: Ghana $+2 - US $-2
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Tire Mobility Kits
by wings&wheels - 06/02/20 12:06 PM
Worst accident you've witnessed
by Dave Sherman - 06/02/20 12:04 PM
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by odie - 06/02/20 11:03 AM
Rockauto code expires 8/2
by gallydif - 06/02/20 08:19 AM
The worst job you ever had?
by Chris142 - 06/02/20 08:04 AM
P218F on my Ford PSD
by Donald - 06/02/20 06:34 AM
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Re: Worst accident you've witnessed 97prizm 06/02/20 11:44 PM
Oh I ment to add. Fifteen years ago or so my Dad and I went to an EAA get together at the Centennial Airport. Towards the end the skies darkened and the wind picked up as the last of the aircraft left. Two T-6 Texans roared down the field pulled back full rudder right and were gone. A guy in an ultralight buzzed down the runway pulled back got maybe 30 ft off the ground then a gust of wind caught him and he winged over onto the runway. He got up but probably didn't fly in bad weather for a while.
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Re: How to Properly Read a Dipstick tc1446 06/02/20 11:44 PM
Originally Posted by Gebo
Originally Posted by tc1446
Good grief! I'm well into my 8th Decade and have had what seems like a zillion vehicles and never had a problem reading a dip stick. duh

That's why I'm here for you thumbsup You had a zillion vehicles and never knew you were reading them incorrectly. You are welcome. USA

You don't have to thank me but I am accepting PayPal donations.

I tried but Paypal kept sending it back! Cheers.
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Re: gm 6.2l cylinder 8 misfiring only at idle alchargo 06/02/20 11:37 PM
Anytime you get a Stabilitrack or traction control related message, there will be an accompanying Chassis (CXXXX) related code, much like the Powertrain (PXXXX) codes you are getting. I would start with using a code reader or scan tool that will read C codes before throwing anymore parts at it.
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Re: "Boutique" Brands Imp4 06/02/20 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by RazorsEdge
Gotta love it around here. Seems like everyone should be shopping at Dollar General store or looking at clearance pricing otherwise "we're just spending too much time and money on other choices we are making.

From my perspective this is a complete mis-characterization.

If you want to spend $10 or $50 or $100, well then go right ahead.
Please know that at the same time others are getting every single thing they need for sub $10/5qt.

Wanna spend $60-$80+ for your own peace of mind? Well then good on you. But I think the very reasonable ask here is that you don't look down your nose at those of us who are doing quite well on a razor thin budget. Because we aren't looking at you in a negative light. We're just asking for the same.

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Re: The worst job you ever had? 02SE 06/02/20 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by A_Harman
Originally Posted by 02SE
Starting my own business. I went years with no days off. Hard physical labor in sometimes brutal heat, or bitter cold, balanced by keeping the books straight. Not to mention the stress. Often sleeping at the office because I was too tired to go home. The pay off was eventually making the business a success, selling the business, and retiring early.

I think what you did there is called The American Dream.


The opportunity is still there, but it's by no means easy. It would have been far easier to continue in my first career, while working for others.
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Re: Slight Tire Bulge keantoken 06/02/20 11:30 PM
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Re: Motorcycle rear shock rebuild ccs368 06/02/20 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by Reddy45
Have any of you owned a bike long enough to send off the rear shock for a rebuild? I bought my Triumph with 30K miles on it and now 10k later I think it's time to freshen the rear shock. A brand new OEM unit is $900 and I'm having trouble finding low mileage ones off of wrecked bikes. All the better aftermarket options are easily $1000+.

I found a shop in the NE that can rebuild it for around $300 but haven't figured out how to find a local shop that can do it so I don't have to deal with shipping costs both ways.

Here's the thing with suspension. You bought the bike with 30k on the clock and rode another 10k so your concern with cost is absolutely legit. Is it fair to say you never rode that exact bike with prestine suspension? Most OEM suspension comes from the factory undersprung for like a 150# rider and you end up dialing preload just so you're in the meaty part of the spring under full rider weight. That's when you end up running out of travel and close to bottoming out resulting in a harsh ride.

I do agree with other posters that aftermarket is the way to go having low/high speed compression and rebound damping along with ride height and typical preload adjustments for the $1000+ ones you already researched. Benefit is the spring is correct for your weight. OEM shocks also have crappy internals so even if you had the oil changed and recharged, it will still behave the same if it inherently was crappy to begin with. I think most modern day sport bikes have better suspension than decades ago so it does depend on your make/model triumph.

I had my aftermarket shock freshened up and really liked how it absorbs the bumps and tracks the pavement when properly setup for like $150 back many years ago. The problem is now you have a well sorted rear shock, then the front end becomes a liability. Sometimes there's enough adjustment to get that taken care of but in my case, I had the front forks sent out and resprung and revalved. Yes, the difference was absolutely noticeable and would recommend for spirited riders and canyon carvers. It never ends!

Not knowing the type of riding, this may better lead you to your decision. I would really try to find a used aftermarket shock and have a plan for the front suspension too. Not all aftermarket have the full bells and whistles so sometimes you can find a more "street" version offering that may be like a couple hundred dollars less than the "race" version.

I used Lindemann Engineering out in CA back in the day.
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Re: Rotate mags? ZeeOSix 06/02/20 11:25 PM
Originally Posted by ABN_CBT_ENGR
Originally Posted by ZeeOSix

SSDD but with a good point- count the turns on the 2 he compares- one is physically longer.

Remember- precision springs are ground on both ends to a given length

Magazine springs are for simple loading so may have angle variances ( even between manufacturers) and turn counts

Spring set is calculated in the design so even with minor differences they all still work ( which is the important part)

Just be careful taking these videos as legitimate gospel. This one ( as the other) contains no valid information regarding spring serviceability for purpose.

All 4 of those magazine springs have 15 coil turns.
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Re: Tire Mobility Kits wings&wheels 06/02/20 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by eljefino
Consider what sealing goo might do to your TPMS sensors.

I +2 on the plug kit idea. Saved my bacon when I was on the road for work.

It doesn't have to be an either/ or. A plug kit weighs a few ounces. Wife's prius came with a 4wd motor where the spare normally lives, and only goo plus an inflator. I supplanted this with a plug kit and some diagonal cutters (good for pulling nails out of tires as well as cutting the rope plugs down to size.)

This is my thinking, a plug kit in the mobility options. None of the toys have TPMS sensors...and I am happy about that. Thanks.
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Re: Rockauto code expires 8/2 Recalculating 06/02/20 11:19 PM
112089404105792580 Expires August 2nd also. 5 %
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Re: Shock Fluid sloinker 06/02/20 11:18 PM
Most race teams have shock dyno's in house nowadays. Those same drawers of metering and repair parts utilized for the different shock/damper manufacturer. Nothing like going onto good ol' boy Bubba's World of Outlaw's hauler and seeing some dude rebuilding/remetering and dynoing some shocks. It's not as if there aren't already a couple dozen sets ready to go in drawers. I prefer this stuff because it's a pretty blue color.
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Re: 2015 Forester - Clunk-ish/Hollow sound after performing the rear spring recall? ctechbob 06/02/20 11:13 PM
I had a similar problem once on my Accord after I'd done new shocks. It would clunk once as I was backing out of the driveway and then never again during the drive. Turns out I'd forgotten to snug up a swaybar link.
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Re: Interesting Delta flight, MD88 fdcg27 06/02/20 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by 4WD
I used to fly on AA’s way back … lucky if you could fit a lunch box in the overhead bins.

Last flew on an AA example during their MRTC days. DAY to DFW,
We've had a number of flights on Delta's MDs with one leg several years ago on one built when I was still in my twenties, which was a bit of a hoot.
We also had a couple of legs on Delta MD-90s as well as some on the 717s when they were still operated by AirTran.
The only DC-9 flights I can recall were a couple of legs on USAir DC-9-50s back around twenty years ago.
I'll miss these old girls, although the 717 should be around for a few years yet.
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Re: Motorcraft MERCON LV vs Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF bullwinkle 06/02/20 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by slacktide_bitog

Although Maxlife isn't licensed, many parts store transmission fluids are licensed Mercon LV, including:
Castrol Full Synthetic
Pennzoil Platinum LV
Mag 1 LV
Supertech Full Synthetic Multi (Walmart brand)
Various house brand synthetic ATF options

As long as it is officially licensed, it will be fine. They carry formal approval from Ford smile

Mag 1 is a good choice, and if you watch for when Zoro has a deal or online code, it can be a pretty good deal. Regular price is $4.49/quart.
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Re: ATF Differences? dave1251 06/02/20 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by Wolf359
Did you ask him about Valvoline Maxlife? Works in many transmissions according to Valvoline.

Being a son of a salesman don't believe salesmen. ATF's are a lot closer to being identical than different. Unless it's ATF+4 and a few others such as Allison.
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Cabin Air Filters Jump to new posts
Re: Hengst Jimzz 06/02/20 11:07 PM
Looks like the one on the right is the charcoal version, hence why it has fewer pleats. I prefer the non-charcoal myself.
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Re: Battery powered 1/2 inch impact wrench RazorsEdge 06/02/20 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by Zebra312
It will be fine...until the battery is dead, and the tool is obsolete....or the advertised 300 ft-lb is actually 75....or....never mind. I am sure it will be great!

Like I said, this is a on a budget tool wink

I've got cateract surgery coming up soon so until then I'm not spending alot of money on anything.

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Re: Nail in tire, what would you do? Zebra312 06/02/20 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by gfh77665
Originally Posted by andyd
4 pages of safety to an extreme.You guys are over reacting. I'm gonna be the contrarian. If the tire holds pressure and the car has TPSM . Put tire on RR mostly to appease the worry warts. A freaken 1 1/4" roofin nail barely penetrates the air seal on an other wise good tire. TPMS will alert you when it notices a 10% loss. In days of yore, I had plenty of tires with slow leaks. This will not fail in dramatic fashion. It is mostly an aggravation. Especially in round town use

I agree 100%. "Safety to the extreme" and overreacting is common in all the tire puncture discussions.

It really is ludicrous....but dang if it isn't entertaining. I have patched worse holes in worse places on worse tires, and driven them till the air is showing. Was it smart? No...but it worked. Spending a couple hundred bucks on a tire that will probably dry rot before it wears out just because someone said it won't work is ridiculous.

Thank God, in this day and age, there are still tire shops who will make repairs like this. There is the right way, the wrong way, and the good enough way...and sometimes, good enough is just that.
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Re: Worst relationship you've ever been in Mr Nice 06/02/20 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by Skippy722
Well... I’ve really only had 2 real relationships, first one cheated on me, and I married the 2nd one after knocking her up while she was still in high school (like the last 4 weeks of her senior year) whistle

Very very happily married though. I’d do it all over again if I was forced too. Got 2 amazing boys now, and while I do work a lot (45-55 hours a week) it allows for her to stay at home and raise them and us to live comfortably.

Sounds like her dad forced you say “I do” at the shotgun wedding. 😅
LOL. Just kidding.

Good that it worked out and you are happy.
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Re: Best entry level riding mower UncleDave 06/02/20 10:58 PM
Originally Posted by tundraotto
as has been discussed - BEST - is so subjective it almost is not.

I myself picked the highest 'level' wheelmotors and engine for the price....and then went on from there.

then once you pick a deck you can live with - you can calculate value for money....with all the other add-on crap.

Wheelmotors are what will fail first - get serviceable ones - or calculate that into the cost.

Fitting - " Can anyone that can help me discern the various plusses and minuses of entry level riding mowers" on the post header is kind of hard.

What do you mean by "wheelmotor" Im unfamiliar with that term.


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Re: Jeep Wrangler Advice buster 06/02/20 10:52 PM
Very nice! Love the Rubicon. I like the color too. Congrats. cheers
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Re: 2020 Equinox 1.5t super20dan 06/02/20 10:45 PM
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Re: 2 cycle with catalyst - carb settings? super20dan 06/02/20 10:41 PM
the 128 is a much cheaper engine desighn than the 323. the 128 is a throwaway desighn basically.
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Re: Car Reviewers CR94 06/02/20 10:40 PM
Originally Posted by Quattro Pete
Originally Posted by Eddie
I think some of us don't understand that CU vehicle reviews are based on owners responses ...
That was correct.

Their reviews are based on a combination of owners' reports of experience with "frequency of repair" of recent similar vehicles and testing of new models---not the former alone.
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Re: More M1 changes ChrisD46 06/02/20 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by Jeffs2006EvoIX
Originally Posted by Triple_Se7en
People driving their TGDIs will buy the EP and extend the OCI to 20k.

Anyone with a Forced Induction engine or any type of GDI going more than 7500 miles on an oil change is just asking for it down the road. I know here on BITOG people debate over silly things, but I have seen with my own eyes the carbon build up and how oil breaks down in GDI motors.

The German brands that have GDI and turbo at least spec an oil better suited. Meaning their "European" formulas mainly using "heavy" 30w or using a 40w oil will help with the fuel dilution issues of these type of motors.

As for my Hyundai Sonata (2012) after the new engine installed in 2015 under warranty, When they had my engine apart I looked in it. The engine was clean per se, the valve train was spotless (Castrol Edge EP 5w30 every 5k miles) but the valves and piston tops were gunked up pretty bad.

I keep telling people. Oil is cheap. Change it more often. Cars now a days aren't as simple as they once were. Now with all the VVT, VTEC, and all that, why do you feel stretching your oil as far out as you can to save a few bucks is worth more than your engine down the road? It just boggles my mind.

Now I wait to be bashed by people that don't own a GDI car. haha. Or the ones that do, but have not had any issues yet......Let it commence. hornets

+1 ... My Hyundai 2.4L GDI engine oil is toast by 5K miles with easy suburban driving (UO to prove it) . *Mobil and Castrol both state 20K miles OCI ONLY if your owners manual approves of it !
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