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Engine Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: RAM 1500 3.6l filter by demarpaint @ 02/21/17 08:46 AM

^^ If someone can show me where to buy them it would be appreciated.^^
Fuels and Fuel Additives: Gasoline and Diesel
Jump to new posts Re: Price Difference of Premium vs Regular by SevenBizzos @ 02/21/17 08:38 AM

Locally it's been at minimum $.30 for each upgrade. Over half of the stations are closer to $.40 for the mid-grade--->premium jump. The days of the $.10 steps are long gone. Heck, the days of the $.20 steps are long gone as well.
European and Import Motor Oils
Jump to new posts Re: Old stock Joe Gibbs oil by mazdamonky @ 02/21/17 08:38 AM

Shake it up before use if you are worried. It should be perfectly fine.
Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
As for the capacity issue, I do overfill it a bit since it burns oil at the track, especially as I get faster. However, what concerned me this time is the oil looked really black. I've never seen it like that before and I do regular dipstick inspecti
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: Rural King by mazdamonky @ 02/21/17 08:36 AM

When I see things like this, I wish we had a rural king around here!
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Outdoor LED Flood Lights?? by Triple_Se7en @ 02/21/17 08:35 AM

I would like to be educated on an outdoor LED brand name Floodlight that brighten real quickly. The last one I bought was a cheapie and it literally takes a minute to brighten. I want to try something else.
Lawn Mower and Small Engine
Jump to new posts Re: Spark Plug of Choice on OPE by BrocLuno @ 02/21/17 08:34 AM

NGK and whatever fits ...
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Outdoor LED Flood Lights?? by mk378 @ 02/21/17 08:34 AM

I'd suggest replacing the whole fixture with one with dedicated LED panels rather than retrofitting the bulbs. For outdoor night illumination where color rendering is not important the higher color temperature LEDs will give better visibility.
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Water well problem by SevenBizzos @ 02/21/17 08:33 AM

I'm in agreement with a professional here. Something has changed with the groundwater. Sometimes veins move and how the water gets to the area where is drawn from change. There should be a screen at the pump that mitigates the sand from entering.
Consumer Electronics
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone have a FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera? by emmett442 @ 02/21/17 08:32 AM

I don't have one, but in case you weren't aware, Home Depot now has a Flir i7 as part of their loaner program... From what I've read about the ONE, it seems that it's fun to play with, but not very effective for structure diagnostics, if that's yo
European and Import Motor Oils
Jump to new posts Re: Old stock Joe Gibbs oil by BrocLuno @ 02/21/17 08:32 AM

I'd be concerned if it was dated 1953 or something ...
General and Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Outdoor LED Flood Lights?? by BrocLuno @ 02/21/17 08:30 AM

I have a CREE LED outdoor on the eves. Very bright and very well built. Supposed to be 20,000 hours. Hope it makes it, cause it's on the 3rd floor ...
Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
The two UOAs before this one were also RedLine 5W30. No thickening occurred as far as I can tell, it's just thick that way.
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Jump to new posts Re: Valvoline SYnpower 5w-20 vs Mobil 1 5w-20 by PolarisX @ 02/21/17 08:30 AM

I'm trying Synpower for the first time in my Impala. Seems great so far, no NVH issues. The only syn that ever did everything different is M1 which was louder in the top end. Probably meaningless as well, I'd run it again.
Used Oil Analysis - Gasoline
What are your previous 2 oil changes? Red Line a thick 5w30 or is it thickening? Wear numbers look good. These LSAs are kind of low capacity engines, only 6 quarts of oil. I wouldn't feel bad changing it at 16%.
Automotive General Topics
Jump to new posts Re: Do you think Toyota is on to something? by Danno @ 02/21/17 08:27 AM

Originally Posted By: edhackett I had to put on my hip waders to get through that Bloomberg article. Ed It is Bloomberg after all. Take the source fwiw.
Jump to new posts Thoughts on a '06 Buick Lucerne by Mantooth @ 02/21/17 08:26 AM

Found a '06 Lucerne CXL with the 4.6 V8 for sale at a small roadside dealer near my home. They have it listed for $5,000, which is on the low side of retail, and it appears to be in good shape. The low retail has me concerned there may be somethin
Firearms: Lubes, Cleaners, & Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Cleaning bronze bore brushes and wire brushes by Triple_Se7en @ 02/21/17 08:26 AM

Originally Posted By: bubbatimeI dont clean my bores anymore. I run a bore snake down them to remove some crud, but that is it. I dont see a benefit of cleaning them. How do you clean that bore snake? Yesterday I purchased four different sized '
Jump to new posts Re: New e-mail account by Bottom_Feeder @ 02/21/17 08:25 AM

I've had the same Hotmail email account for almost 15 years now and I get exactly one spam email every two or three days which is classified correctly and goes right to the Junk folder. Same for my Yahoo account.
Firearms: Lubes, Cleaners, & Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Cleaning bronze bore brushes and wire brushes by Triple_Se7en @ 02/21/17 08:25 AM

Originally Posted By: AZjeffOP asked how to clean bronze brushes, not whether to use bronze or nylon. I use whatever solvent is handy when I need it, MEK, acetone, paint thinner, etc. all seem to work. Little bit in a small jar with a lid and shake
Oil Analysis - General Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Grease analysis? by MotoTribologist @ 02/21/17 08:25 AM

What are you looking for? The elemental analysis? Or performance testing? Most grease manufacturers list their performance results in the product technical data sheets. Otherwise yes you can certainly pay labs to test grease performance for you. For
Product Rebates, Sales and Promotions
Jump to new posts Re: Where is the Rockauto free shipping code? by Gasbuggy @ 02/21/17 08:24 AM

Originally Posted By: Wolf359Originally Posted By: GasbuggyOriginally Posted By: slacktide_bitogOriginally Posted By: GasbuggyRock Auto makes their money from you on the shipping. You'll figure that out when you pay their actual shipping rate to ret
Engine Oil Filters
Jump to new posts Re: Pick my oil filter by kschachn @ 02/21/17 08:23 AM

Originally Posted By: FlyingTexanI ordered the microgreen last night for my new pickup. People complain about cost but it was $11 which I'm completely willing to pay for. Any posts and videos I've seen show it to be built very well. I haven't seen a
Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) - Gasoline Cars/Pickups/Vans/SUVs
Keep in mind that Redline oils run heavy for grade (HT/HS). For example, their 5w30 has the same HT/HS as Mobil 1 0w40- 3.8. As for the additive, generally speaking it's not needed with a quality, properly formulated oil. Unless analysis says otherw
Oil Analysis - General Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Where can I get oil sample testing done? by Quattro Pete @ 02/21/17 08:22 AM

Originally Posted By: bvance554Having an analysis done is lame because you can change your oil for the same price. Doing it at every oil change may be excessive, but doing it once in a while can help determine if you have fuel dilution, coolant le
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