Would you run these oils in a 6.7 cummins?

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I am going to use T6 and may try some sams club 15w40 in the summer.
Was just wondering if there was an advantage in using it.
San Diego, Ca.
I have the IL-6 6.7L CTD In my 2016 Ram 2500 Laramie. I run 5/40w Shell Rotella Synthetic Oil. I am in Southern California so I do not deal with Snow and freezing temperatures, except when I go to Reno Nevada, and travel on U.S, 395 through the Sierra Mountain range. I have never used anything different. I have it serviced at the dealership that I purchased the truck at .
I'm a UPS semi mechanic. I also work on the yard shifter trucks. Those are the trucks that move semi trailers around sort hubs. They have a Cummins 6.7 in them with a lower output engine vs whats in a Ram truck and an Allison automatic. Delo 15W40 is what those trucks get. I've seen one last over 30K HOURS on the original engine. 25K hours is the norm.
Worry about the emissions system. Don't be old school thinking you need to let your diesel sit and warm up before driving it.
And don't let it sit and idle for prolonged periods.
In fact, the newest yard shifter trucks only run X minutes without a butt in the seat because prolonged idling makes more soot and
that mucks up the emissions components much faster than driving under load.
Do you have to do stationary/service regens on them? How often do they regen? My L5P Duramax will do a regen roughly every 8-10 engine hours regardless of miles. Sometimes I go 60 miles between regens and sometimes I go 600+, depending on what I’m doing with it.
Skyactiv how often do you guys change the oil in them?
I am also curious to hear the answer to this.