Vredestein will start making American-market specific tires

First is an American-style UHP all-season (not a 3-peak style A/S) called Hypertrac. It's not on sale yet, but is listed on Vredestein's site. UTQG 500 AA A They also have another tire called Hitrac. This is a lower-end all-season, UTQG 700 A A Vredestein will also roll out A/T and H/T truck tires in 2020 I just hope they keep selling their existing Euro tires here. So far, Vredestein has been the only European tire company to sell their full lineup in the US. The Quatrac series is most likely here to stay, but I hope VulcanTire will keep selling the summer tires such as the Sportrac 5 and Ultrac summer tires The Hypertrac: [Linked Image from s19532.pcdn.co]
Vredestein also has also maintained a line of classic tires in some hard to find sizes no longer offered by the larger makers. I wish them success with their new line here, but hope that they continue to offer their full line here.
I agree with the OP and wings & wheels, lets hope they keep their Euro line here. There will be no good reason to buy Vredestein if it competes against the 5000 other boring all-season tires already offered here.