Sweet Kawasaki ZX600R for sale in Mass

Houston, Texas
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Thought I'd put this out there for anyone into classic sport bikes and as a conversation starter. The 600s of the era were the most wrecked so this is a rare bike in this condition, sitting at $830 with a day+ to go. If it were closer I would have bid. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Kawasaki-Ninja/153928671570?hash=item23d6dd2152:g:x-kAAOSwO7desIgN

1986 ZX600A.jpg
Cincinnati, USA
Not sure what "this condition" is, from the ad there were two bikes, now one non-running with rebuilt title and a box of parts that are maybe right for it. It's passed through estate and estate buyer hands so who knows when it last ran or what happened to it. I guess if you have your heart set on this, it's a "start" but the rest of the road could be long and no money saved. I mean you can get 30 (or newer) year old sport bikes without a salvage/rebuilt title and running fine for $1K so it would have to be this ONE model and generation that floats your boat.
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Scarsdale, NY
My very first motorcycle I bought when I was 18 was a 1986 Ninja 600R. Looked like the picture but alternate color scheme of red upper fairing and lower cowling with blue accent. You can tell some pieces are mismatched in the auction and thought the grey center section depicts 1985 version. Can't see paying too much even for it's vintage nostalgia. Anyways, it's great to reminisce some fond memories until it was stolen a year after.