Slightly used Hyundais's and Kia's for sale...


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This one, and what the drive website is providing, seems odd. Ive seen the article where they show some pictures from inside, and what I have observed is a suburban, amongst other cars that dont look like hyundais. Anyone notice this? Then theres the other ship fire in FL, carrying a bunch of used cars to who knows where.
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How in the world does a ship that size end up on it's side?
A few auto ships have flipped over in the past. A ship full of Mazdas flipped over and a worker died in the process of up righting it. Interesting story:
That story really delves into the danger of these salvage jobs. In the case of the Cougar Ace, the ballasting issue as told in the story plus the notorious sea conditions in that particular area combined. I have been through that Unalaska area a number of times while onboard a Coast Guard cutter. Unimak Pass is well known as a treacherous passage. In that same area we laid our cutter over 65 degrees. She wasn't sure about coming back upright either. A few years later that same cutter was almost lost in that region due to a broach where she lost power and had engine room flooding.
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4,200 slightly used Hyundais's and Kia's for sale, should be cheap... Just a little water damage.... What six months sideways and in water does to a car, I do not want to know...
It capsized September 8th, so it's been ten months. How long do ship salvage operations usually take? The rig they're using to cut the ship is massive(visible about 4mins into the video):