Refills for Denso Designer wipers

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I was looking around for refills for my Denso Designers wipers. The way it was working out, I'd have to get one size from the Toyota dealer and the other from Honda. Went to Toyota with part # in hand and the guy said they don't carry that size refill anymore. It was available online from various sites but shipping was a killer. So, I ended up buying these refills on Amazon. They fit perfectly. Got caught in some nasty rain storms over the summer and they performed great. For $10, I'll be happy if they last a year. The package came straight from the People's Republic of China smile According to the reviews, they fit the OEM hybrid wipers (likely Denso/NWB anyway) of numerous cars.
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I'm talking about refills, not buying the wipers over again.
I think you have to get them HONDA dealer if you can match up the size and then part# I have the denso designer blades refills are NWB Japanese company.i have a few Honda matchs 22" or 550mm should be 76630-SHJ-A01 and 21" or 525mm should be 76622-SZT-A01 or the passenger blade refill for a CR-Z Honda car/truck? another refill for the 22" 550mm should be 76632-SHJ-A11 I would bring in the blades to a Honda parts to see if these would work I wrote down these matchs for my denso designers 22" and 21" blades