Question about JASO specs?

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On a motorcycle forum I posted some questions about the JASO ratings FB, FC, and FD as applied to 2 stroke mix oils. A member responded with the following. "...the oil manufacturers most often do not pay to have their oil graded and so puts their own rating on it. So they could label it FC but it could be FB. There is no law preventing them from doing that. That label is often just wishful thinking. What I did is to look up the actual oils they used and look up their characteristics and from that I made my own guess as to what grade they fit into. Please see my 2 stroke engine oil info at"" Is there any veracity to this claim? I could not find an authoritative page on line to refute it. Anyone have a link they could offer? Thanks so much. Also a postscript.... I had to reset my password on this forum. I was sent a temporary password. I logged in. I attempted to change this temp password to a permanent password via the user preferences screen. I typed new password, typed again into the "retype password" box, went to the bottom of screen and submitted it, the page refuses to take my password. No message is provided. No confirmation. The page just reappears as if to try again. I tried multiple times with multiple passwords. I tried upper and lower case mix with symbols and numbers. Nothing. No go. What am I doing wrong?


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I don't know about JASO, but I believe the European ACEA specs are self certified, which destroys the argument that "they meet it, but don't want to pay for it". It does leave things open to people not playing fair. However there have been times when one big oil company tested another big oil company's product and found it wanting. After checking their results they went public with it not making the standard. I believe this happened to Mobil once. You also have PQIA in the US performing regular tests, and issuing warnings if they are concerned. So the big companies tend to watch each other. This is why many stick to name brands they trust, these big companies have too much to lose by cutting corners. Market share and name brand recognition are big drivers. I've heard from oil industry people that hang out here, that both Shell and Castrol are very careful in making sure their products meet their claims. I'm sure the others do to, but they are they companies I have heard more directly about. To add, I would have no problem using Mobil or Valvoline either.