PP HM 5W-20 $15 at Wally

Saint Nazianz, WI
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See sawing. They do that...
Is it based on some algorithm based on demand, or random?
I posted my theory on this recently:
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I am starting to think that what Walmart is doing is taking certain products that may be overstocked in certain stores to the point of offering big discounts, see M1 AP discounts in many stores, and then offering that online at some point to clear inventory from the aforementioned stores. My local Walmart has M1 AP heavily discount in-store but not online, let's say they wanted to clear that store's inventory out than they would just offer that in-store pricing online. Once that store's inventory is gone they bump the online price back up. The Valvoline Synthetic Maxlife 5w20 I bought came from Macomb, Illinois. Anyone else?
The regular PP 5w20 is also available right now for $16.18/5 quart in quantities of 3 containers and up online at Walmart..